This New Delhi Neurologist successfully learnt how to get free Instagram followers instantly

Dr. Nirma Dogra (name changed) is a neurologist based in New Delhi, India. Being a neurologist, Dr. Nirma never used to be spiritual until she met a man named Swami Nithyananda in Bengaluru. Nirma says that Swami Nithyananda made her realize how much she loves her life and how much of a meaning does each and every human being’s life carries. Nirma has stopped drinking alcohol since the day she met Swami Nithyananda.

Nirma became so creative that she even learnt how to get free Instagram followers instantly.

Being a neurologist, Nirma says that she has observed 99% of the married men have lower dopamine levels in their brains than their bachelor counterparts and being a human, Nirma says that most married men envy the bachelor men.

Nirma’s husband is a PhD in Psychology who claims that psychology is a waste of time and psychoanalysis is the biggest fraud of the past 3 centuries.

Nirma and her husband have experimented a lot with red wine, tea, coffee and celibacy to become superhuman version of themselves. They have come to the conclusion that no tea, no coffee and no red wine along with a moderate sex life helps you become the best version of yourself.

Nirma is learning elephant breeding currently. She is already a horse breeder and being a successful horse breeder, Nirma claims that elephant breeding is far more difficult than horse breeding.

Dr Nirma also lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 3 years, there she used to ride on her bicycle as she didn’t have a driving license. Nirma says that riding a bicycle on the streets of Saudi Arabia is a very dangerous activity as almost every other person is a drifter or a stuntman.

This engineer is so busy building the most durable diesel engine ever but he will still watch Super Bowl Liii

Alana Cooksey (name changed) is an engineer who claims that she is working on building a more durable diesel engine than the Isuzu diesel engine.

Alana’s brother – Leslie is the owner of a very popular detergent company. This company of Leslie is so popular and successful as it offers 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see any results.

Leslie has a hobby of reading philosophy in spare time and Leslie is very critical of activities that don’t result in any productivity, for example, Leslie has been writing very much against the online chatrooms like the discord, chatango and slack chatrooms, once Leslie wrote on his blog that if Aristotle had been born in these times, the first type of friendship mentioned by him would have been online friendship – he would have wrote or said that the online friendship results in nothing beneficial, it only results in wastage of time, money, depreciation of computer and arguments that ultimately result in a lower IQ level.

Leslie says that if Immanuel Kant would have been alive today, he would drive Volvo cars with pedestrian airbags. Leslie says that Immanuel Kant was so much concerned with the good, welfare and safety of others, it would have come not as a surprise if he only rode bicycles not as a form of exercise but instead for the safety of the pedestrians and others.

Alana lived in Indonesia for 3 years and she claims that one of the reasons why Indonesia is so poor is that they spend so extravagantly on marriages. Alana says that this tradition of Indonesian marriages being so expensive isn’t new, the Indonesians have been spending extravagantly since they were invaded by a South Indian empire and accepted Hinduism before becoming Muslims.

Alana and Leslie, both brother and sister always watch live Super Bowl Liii together. They both used to be rugby players in the school and college, they both studied at the same school and their school is responsible for producing some of the best rugby players of all time.

Your addiction to spirituality may go old and boring but Super Bowl always feels fresh and exciting – Delores Kaufman

Delores Kaufman (name changed) has traveled almost all of the Indian subcontinent including the present day Cambodia, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Delores met several ascetics throughout her Indian subcontinent trip, Delores claims that Tibetan monks are more exuberant than the Hindu Sadhus, Naga Babas, Swamis and Yogis.

Delores also wrote on her blog that she met the infamous Swami Om in New Delhi. Delores says that Swami Om is a very nice guy contrary to what the media portrays him to be. Delores says that Swami Om’s Santa Claus costume is really something to be laughed at.

Delores wrote on her blog that she met perhaps the most popular India Godman of the current times – Sadhguru. Delores says that Sadhguru is a pathological liar. He clearly lies about many things, for example, he lied about his personal life when he claimed that he decided to marry his wife without knowing her caste or anyone in her family including her parents and not even knowing her real name. Delores says that Sadhguru claims that he only knew the pet name of his wife when he decided to marry her and told his father about the same which is an utter lie. Delores says that Sadhguru is an extremely greedy man and there is no way that he didn’t know that the woman he is going to marry is very rich and the only child of her parents.

One thing that Delores liked the most about Sadhguru is that he is a socialist which is Delores’s most favorite political ideology and system.

Delores says that she met Sunil Sawara of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus also in Mumbai, she wrote on her blog that this comedian was once so popular but now lives as a beggar on the streets of Mumbai.

Delores is so excited about the Super Bowl 2019 that she has already ordered champagne for the event.

Bruna Larkham is a Greek biologist who has a love-hate relationship with Greek philosophy but only a love relationship with Crete

Bruna Larkham (name changed) is a biologist who claims that the first red-tailed hawk was the result of eagle and hawk breeding. Bruna says that she has done an extensive research on this wonderful looking breed of birds called red-tailed hawk and she claims that nobody other than her ever did so much research on this particular breed in the recorded history.

Bruna is also a student of philosophy and she claims that Greek philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle did more harm than good to the lives of the people in the Europe. Bruna has a huge respect for a few lesser known Greek philosophers like the laughing philosopher – Democritus.

Bruna claims that Qing dynasty of China was mostly influenced by the Greek philosophers and they ruled easily on the vast population of China helped by the philosophy of top Greek philosophers of the ancient times but nobody ever from the Qing dynasty ever mentioned who their mentors were.

Bruna says that she has several weird members in her family and she had tons of weird classmates. Bruna says that she has done a great research on ‘why some people act so weird’ and she has come to the conclusion that the weird people act so weirdly because they are highly energetic, creative and always excited but they don’t have a proper outlet to express their energy, creativity and enthusiasm.

Bruna has studied Sigmund Freud a lot and did her best to understand his theories and Bruna has come to the conclusion that most of Sigmund Freud’s theories cannot be trusted. Bruna gave one example of the ‘pleasure principle’ by Sigmund Freud is subjective and is one of the examples why Sigmund Freud cannot be trusted completely. Bruna says that she knows more people who are run by the ‘stoic principle’ than the ‘pleasure principle’, Sigmund Freud may be speaking of himself and the people around him including those in his family, friend circles and colleagues when he talked about the ‘pleasure principle’.

Bruna recently enjoyed a vacation to her most favorite island called ‘Crete’ in Greece which couldn’t have been as much fun without the help and support of car hire Crete.

Algeria is full of talented, skilled and wise people, but I still prefer to drive my Lyft cab in South Dakota, USA

Nanni Radford (name changed) is an Italian-English man who rejects the belief that the first paper was invented by Cai Lun of China. Nanni claims that they were writing on papers long ago in India, Nanni says that the Indian mythological stories including Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and Upanishads were all written on papers in India. Nanni rejects the belief that the Indians used to write on leafs back then, he says that he has visited the museums in India where they still have the original and first Mahabharata, Upanishads, Ramayana and Vedas stored.

Nanni’s best friend is an Algerian guy named – Ifthikar. Ifthikar’s dad was in the Algerian army. Ifthikar claims that he has met several common people in Algeria that he can say have contributed more than Michael Hart’s top 100. Ifthikar has nothing to back his claim up. Ifthikar himself has moved to New Orleans and working as a Lyft Driver there. He even received a Lyft Driver Promo Code initially, that’s one of the reasons why he chose Lyft over Uber.

Ifthikar is a huge Honda fan and after the recent fall in sales, quality of Honda cars and their fan-following, Ifthikar says that Honda was just experimenting and they haven’t used any of their trump cards yet.

I asked Ifthikar “Why Honda is not doing good in India at all lately?” Ifthikar replied “Honda were the 3rd most selling cars in India just a few years ago and they will become no.1 in India by 2022, just wait and watch how Honda takes over the Indian market with their trump cards like Vezel, HR-V and others.”

Ifthikar says that demons and angels are one and the same. Ifthikar says that demons turn into angels with nice people and the angels turn into demons when they are dealing with the evil people.

Forget about ugly cities like Karachi or Lahore, travel to beautiful Thai towns like Hua Hin to have the most possible fun

Rimon Robert (name changed) recently saw a road trip video of the largest Pakistani city called Karachi. Pakistan’s entire population is currently estimated between 200 million to 210 million and out of those, 15.2 million people (estimated) live in just one city alone that goes by the name Karachi. It was a 30 minute drive video that mainly covered the plushest of the plush areas of Karachi like the Clifton and Defense.

Rimon was heartbroken when he saw that Pakistan is so poor, ugly and full of tribal people. Rimon says he has traveled almost half of the world and he can tell just by looking at the people traveling on the roads of a city or a country that what sort of people live in it. Rimon says that he was surprised to see that most low income Pakistani people of Karachi were traveling using e-rickshaws, bicycles, the middle income people were traveling using outdated and old cars, scooters, motorcycles, the upper-middle income Pakistani people travel using small cars like Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift or Toyota Vitz, the so-called Pakistani rich mostly travel using cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Honda Civic or Suzuki Brezza while the topmost people like tribal chiefs, MNAs, MPAs and industrialists travel in Toyota Pick-up trucks, Ford Raptors (imported, there is no Ford in Pakistan), Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and other top Japanese cars.

Rimon was surprised to learn that there are no American or European cars available officially in Pakistan and when he saw masked people traveling in Toyota Tundras on the roads of Karachi, he felt like he is watching a video of poor man’s Mexico, in other words, Rimon concluded that Karachi is poor man’s Guadalajara.

Anyways, the reason why Rimon started watching Karachi and other Pakistani cities’s videos on the Youtube was because he was planning to visit a Southeast Asian country that he never visited before but in the end he decided to travel to his most favorite Southeast Asian country of all time, that is Thailand. He has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi and he will be in Thailand on the coming Tuesday.

Eminent psychologist’s wife is busy getting her bathroom renovated in Newmarket, Ontario while the Indians are planning to take over Canada

Aimee Fernandes (name changed) is obsessed with the political scenario in India. She has been reading and learning about the prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern India. Aimee claims that the present BJP government of India has been promising the people of India, especially their loyal followers that they will make India the biggest superpower that the world has ever known.

Aimee says that there is a notion among the followers of Narendra Modi and BJP that the India is planning to acquire the second largest country by land and make it a colony of India.

The loyal followers of current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi and his party BJP claim that the Indian government didn’t give the Canadian Prime Minister – Justin Tradeau, a VIP protocol as good as the Japanese, French or chief of any other countries because India is going to acquire Canada as soon as possible and the many Indians have been accusing the Canadian Prime Minister for supporting the Khalistan movement by visiting only the Gurudwaras (the worshiping place of the Sikhs) and not visiting any of the Hindu, Jain or Buddhist temples in India.

Aimee has been laughing at the idea of Indians thinking that they can take over Canada. Aimee lives in Newmarket, Ontaria and she recently ordered the topmost renovation company of Canada for Bathroom Renovation Newmarket and she cannot wait to see the renovated bathroom of hers.

Aimee’s husband – Brian is an eminent psychologist who is popular for plundering his patients left, right and center. Brian has been practicing psychology for over 18 years and his popularity has only seen rise ever since. Brian sees tens of patients a day and he has voluntarily kept his consultation fees so high so that he can limit the number of the patients to 2 digits otherwise they will go to the higher end of 3 digits.

Confidence is the greatest strength that you have and you need to have a lot of it

Kurtney Baba (name changed) is half-Indian half-French American businesswoman who was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2016 for an extremely meager contribution which shocked everyone including herself. The best thing that happened to Kurtney after winning the Padma Shri 2016 was that it raised her confidence to a level that was unprecedented for her before. She now started working on new things and the things that she had no idea about.

When Kurtney downloaded the discord on her iOS, she was so fascinated with the same that she wanted to make something like that on her own, she has no coding background so she decided to outsource the same to an Indonesian company that specializes in ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios).

It has only been 3 days since Kurtney outsourced the job to the company and she is so excited and sure to beat the likes of slack and discord.

Meanwhile, Kurtney is busy pursuing her favorite hobby and that is reading history and writing her opinions and observations on her one and only personal blog. Kurtney recently read a lot about the Armageddon and what the Muslims call Malhama – the last war. Kurtney claims that the likes of Dr Israr Ahmed, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Sheikh Imran Hosein and Dr Tahir Ul Qadri took their followers on a long ride when they talked about the mention of Malhama so many times in the Quran or Islamic eschatology. Kurtney claims that Muhammad was himself not even aware of a thing called Armageddon and he never made any mention of the same. If you have to believe Kurtney, some so-called Muslim scholars like Dr Israr Ahmed and Sheikh Imran Hosein read about the Armageddon in the new testament and made a whole fake story out of it.

Modern and Young Mother Teresa is raising up 8 adopted kids with whom she watches movies all day long on the Sabbath day

Jeanne Ashlag (name changed) is one of the rare Greek Jews who was born and raised in the beautiful Greek city that goes by the name Thessaloniki. Jeanne is a PhD in Judaism from the Columbia University in the City of New York.

They call Jeanne “Modern and Young Mother Teresa” as she has the wisdom of the 12 apostles combined. Jeanna has traveled the world including India and one thing that she hated the most about India is that the Indians put the mourners and whiners on the pedestal. Jeanne spent one month in India exploring as many areas and as many tribes as possible and she came to the conclusion that except the Rajput tribes of India, the rest are all emotionally and physically weak.

Jeanne was raised up in a poverty stricken and belligerent atmosphere but she is not letting any of the children that she adopted go through the same. Jeanne has adopted 8 kids, 2 of whom are Jewish and the rest are all Christians. Jeanne is raising them all up like she gave birth to them. If you ask me personally, I would say that their own biological mothers couldn’t have taken care of the kids so well. Every Sabbath day (Saturday), Jeanne spends all her time watching movies the kids (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ). Sometimes on the Sabbath day, the kids keep her awake all night to watch more movies which she do. On the Sundays, she goes to eat out with the kids to a nice restaurant. For the weekdays, she has hired a private tutor for the kids who comes to the home and teaches all the kids alike. One smart thing that Jeanna has done is that she has adopted all 8 kids of the same age so that raising them up becomes easy.

Enjoying New Year Eve at Koh Chang Thailand is a great idea

Celine Droste (name changed) claims that she stopped drinking coffee only after a couple of weeks of she started meditating. Celine is a mother of 3 beautiful kids, all girls. Celine is a perfect mother as all her kids are little and she has a habit of answering each and every question that her little beautiful kids ask to her, no matter how complicated their questions are or how tired or frustrated Celine is, she always answers her kids’ questions.

Celine recently traveled to the stunning island in Thailand called Koh Chang with her family and all throughout the way to Koh Chang and in the resort that they stayed in, Celine’s kids kept asking her questions and didn’t even let her enjoy for a while. The kids insisted with their full force that they will only sleep with her mother and didn’t even let her enjoy with her soulmate some beautiful memories of Koh Chang.

Celine was surprised to see that their Koh Chang resort had some of the most beautiful ladies that she ever saw working as receptionists at the resort. Celine says that her husband was feeling so much intimidated by the stunning receptionists that he dare not looked at them. Celine is not a misogynist or anything like that but she says that there should be a rule where beautiful females must not be allowed to work as the receptionists. Celine says that the beauty of these receptionists hypnotize the male brains and they feel helpless and aren’t able to say ‘No’ to anything. Celine says that the only hindrance in applying the proposed rule is there is no way to define a beautiful woman, what is beautiful to one person is ugly to another and the beauty is perishable, a woman who is not beautiful today can be after a couple of months or years and the one who is a stunning beauty today can turn into an ugly looking witch just after a couple of months.

Electronic Store chain owner relies on Texnologia for the latest updates

Ashley Botsis (name changed) says there is something nostalgic about the place called Mecca. Ashley is a Greek Catholic who was born in the beautiful coastal city called Chania and has been living there ever since her birth. Ashley believes only in the Christian religion herself but she says that there is something magnificent about particular Israeli, Maltese, Arabian places that she cannot describe in words.

Ashley loves her own city the most as she has a thing for the coastal cities but if she is given an option to choose between a desert and a coastal city to live in, I believe that she will choose a desert as her obsession about the desert cities of Arabia is real for sure to an extent that it can even be called madness.

Ashley is a businesswoman who inherited a small chain of electronic stores from her late father last year. Ashley keeps herself updated with the latest tech news through several websites, blogs and forums, the website that she trusts the most is texnologiaShe cannot imagine running her electronic store chain without the help of texnologia. Ashley’s stores sell everything from the refrigerators, televisions, laptops to storage batteries. Ashley is even planning to start her own storage batteries manufacturing unit, she just lacks fund for the same but she is certain that she will manage to get the funds anyhow if she gets success in making a fool-proof plan.

Ashley’s greatest role-model is late President of Iraq – Saddam Hussein. Ashley finds the story of Saddam Hussein the most fascinating one.

Ashley says that a bulldog’s determination, a Lion’s courage and Fox’s cunning are three qualities that a modern human being must possess in order to be a success in today’s world.

Adventurous French-English Journalist only buys stocks using Zero Spread Brokers

Esmae Everly (name changed) is a French-English professional journalist who was tortured in Afghanistan by a troop of Taliban, the chief of the troop raped her for weeks continuously for weeks and to Esmae’s good luck, she wasn’t killed, she was thrown in the middle of a desert, from where she did show the courage to make her way to the NATO who then helped her to go back to her home in Paris.

Esmae was born to a high school counselor back in 1981. Esmae has always been a daydreamer, she would daydream all the time in her class and after coming back home, more than half of her time used to be spent daydreaming only. Esmae has a younger sister – Anissa, who believes that the purpose of a human being’s life is to get as high as possible as many times as possible. Unlike Anissa, Esmae grew up to be a nice, decent and sober person, as Esmae entered her late teens, she realized the purpose of a human being’s life is to be as materially prosperous as possible and become more intelligent and wise with age. Esmae really walked the talk and proved to everyone that a daydreamer like her can really make some of her dreams come true.

Esmae buys stocks as a hobby and as a fun way to save some money for the future of her children. Esmae uses nothing but Zero Spread Brokers when it comes to buying stocks and believe me, she knows some of the best Zero Spread Brokers.

Esmae is a wonderful business strategist who always comes up with new, innovative, effective and applicable ideas. I think that Esmae should do some fund-raising to put most of her plans into action and she can be one of the richest women in Paris.

Pongpol – A Thai gentleman prefers to shop with his yenta wife than attend a business meeting


Pongpol Chatree (name changed) is a Thai gentleman from the city of Chiang Rai who says meetings kill more time anything else when it comes to the business. Pongpol says that he values the shopping sprees a lot more than the business meetings, recently he went with his wife to several shopping plazas and shopping malls to buy a canvas bag (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส), yes, you heard me, she just wanted to buy a canvas bag and she traveled all the shopping plazas and shopping malls of the Chiang Rai city just for that and ended up buying nothing, then she came back home and bought one online. Pongpol says that his wife’s shopping tour didn’t annoy him as much as the business meetings do.

Anyways, Pongpol lived in London for a while when he used to work for a popular Thai tech company and he was given a villa on Downing Street. Pongpol says that London as a city is one of the most boring and tired things on the planet earth and Downing Street is just icing on the cake, he says that nothing could be more boring than living at the Downing Street. He thanked god when the company asked him to come back to Chiang Rai.

Pongpol has a son named Thaksin. Thaksin is a teenager who approaches girls his age without planning anything prior only to get rejected by them. Thaksin has started showing interest in the religion of Islam recently which very much annoys Pongpol. Pongpol is an apatheist who considers religions to be a waste of time and life and he wants his son to be the same. Thaksin has even started reciting Namaz (Muslim Prayer) twice a day. Thaksin says that he will start reciting it 5 times a day if Allah comes in his dreams and tell him to do so.

One of the richest women of Flamingo Road, Miami is getting married next month

Olivia Jones (name changed) is one of the largest importer and exporter of exotic pens with offices all over the state of Florida. Olivia herself was born in Orlando but moved to Miami when she was 19.

Olivia can afford any car that is available in the United States, but she has this obsessive compulsive thing about the Skoda and everything that is Czech, she owns 10 Skodas including Yeti, Octavia and Superb. The biggest proof of Olivia’s love for everything Czech is her fiance to whom she is getting married next month, they have already booked the wedding venue and everyone in their families is so excited about the event.

Olivia is a different kind of a person (in all the positive ways). She came to Miami because she got a job as a bartender here but she paved her way up to become one of the richest women on the Flamingo Road, Miami. The best characteristic of Olivia is that she always accepts her defeat unlike most other business people.

Olivia firmly believes that health and peace of mind are the greatest riches of life and so is the belief of her fiance. They both have so much things common in them and that’s why they love each other so much.

Olivia drinks only patron vodka with orange juice. She doesn’t drink beer, whiskey or anything, just patron vodka with orange juice.

Olivia’s father used to be an ice cream man and that’s why Olivia has such a soft side for the ice cream men, she makes regular donations for the welfare of the ice cream men around the United States.

A chip on his shoulder is responsible behind his technological genius

Steven Garcia (name changed) claims that angels are gender-less and incorporeal beings. Steven has nothing to back his claim up but he told me this when a reverend father in Cleveland, Ohio was giving a speech claiming that angels are incorporeal but they are all males. That’s not all that Steven Garcia told me about the Bible, Christianity, God and other supernatural things, Steven claims that the bible that we read is not what the 12 apostles wrote, he says that some enemies of the Christianity have changed the bible successfully and for the past 212 years, we have been reading fake bible.

Steven says that the Izmir city in Turkey was created by some of the most significant angels themselves. Steven also claims that the birds were first created incorporeal by the god but then he made them corporeal.

Steven Garcia wishes all the time that if he were an angel. He is a great believer of the quote “Your mental attitude defines your altitude in life.” That’s why Steven always has a chip on his shoulder that he is an angel and he says that this belief brings to him a mental clarity like nothing else will and this personal belief of his is responsible for him creating several ‘android application creation services’ (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android).

Steven criticizes pagan religions like Hinduism all the time and their occult practices like black magic, mantras and materialism.

Steven always follows a busy schedule, he always listens carefully to what his elders have to tell him.

Steven Garcia claims that he is always in that no-mind state and he feels like a Zen master.

Scottish man loves arguing with the feminists and traveling to Bangkok and Damnoen Saduak

Addison Jensen (name changed) says that absolute monarchy was the greatest cancer for the human progress. Addison’s great-great grandmother was a chatelaine for one of the royal palaces of the Scotland’s royal family and Addison says that’s one of the reasons why his knowledge about the monarchies can be trusted so much.

Addison says that historically it was believed that the busty women had a lower IQ than the ones who weren’t. He says the English term ‘booby’ which means a stupid person comes from there only. According to Addison’s personal observations, bustier women are smarter than the ones who are not and that’s one of the reasons why Addison doesn’t trust opinions and beliefs of the others, no matter how popular those beliefs and opinions are.

Addison has a very innocent sister who believes that bonny women are conniving and liars. This sister of Addison owns a chicken poultry farm.

Addison loves to travel and he recently enjoyed a trip of Thailand, he loved each and every experience and he cannot appreciate enough the Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak taxi service that he hired.

Addison mostly travels to villages and not-so-developed urban areas because he thinks that all major cities smell like trash except Monaco and Luxembourg.

Addison loves to get into arguments, especially with the modern feminists. He says that almost each and every feminist that he meets makes erratic statements all the time and contradicts herself.

Addison says that feminists always keep complaining that the world is unjust and unfair, Addison on the contrary says that the world is very fair and just, the human beings are un-thankful for what they have most of the times, especially the feminists. Whenever Addison tells the feminists how the world works and there is nothing unjust here, they tell him that it is a joke.

Seducing and dating gorgeous young women is not that hard as most men think

Afonso Diaz (name changed) is a professional car reviewer, he is very popular on the Youtube, social media, as I am not going to tell his username here or tell his real name, I can give you a hint about him, he was the first guy to compare Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX and Land Rover’s Range Rover in the year 2018. Could you guess it right?

Anyways, even though this guy is so popular and good-looking, he had hard time seducing women, he tried every way possible to seduce a woman but nothing worked out until he stumbled upon a blog (blog como conquistar uma mulher?)

Today, let me tell you, Casanova himself will feel like a loser when told the tales of Afonso. Afonso has over 10 girlfriends now and he is living the life he never knew he had.

Afonso is always extremely happy and proud of himself since he started dating these gorgeous girls with the help of that blog. Afonso’s videos used to receive tons of positive reviews complimenting him but that never gave him the happiness that his girlfriends do.

Afonso is getting better every day in seduction skills and none of his girlfriends know that he is dating anyone else as well. Afonso’s promiscuous dating never got in the way of his career. Afonso’s career has only got better because of his feeling of increased self-worth and self-esteem.

Afonso is now taking Italian and Spanish language lessons as well. After he is done with Italian and Spanish, he will start learning French as well. Afonso is also planning to shift to an aspiring female models dominated area in order to date even more chicks. It is amazing how Afonso balances his career and his women in such a great manner. Afonso should become a time management teacher, he will give Brian Tracy a run for his money.

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost (haartransplantation türkei kosten)

Alev Erim (name changed) claims that every villainous or evil woman that he met in real life was a damsel. Alev says that good women are for the clumsy and boring nice guys, only bad guys know how to handle an evil damsel. Alev married what according to him is the hottest freaky damsel although his friends and family find his wife ugly and stupid. No matter how strong Alev claims himself to be, Alev’s wife gave him enough stress to make him look for hair transplant cost in Turkey (haartransplantation türkei kosten).

Alev’s philosophy about life has changed from “I invade, therefore I exist” to “I suffer and struggle, therefore I exist”.

Alev claims that black magic is real and miracles happen all the time. Alev has tried Bengali black magic, Arabic black magic, Malayali black magic and nonetheless Native American black magic, and he claims that it works. He says that the only condition while performing black magic is that you must do it with a good intention and for a humanitarian cause, no matter whether the cause is for the betterment of the life of one individual or a whole tribe. Alev is a huge believer of the scientific, spiritual and religious belief that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Alev says that if a person performs black magic on someone with an evil intention, he/she will have to face bad consequences.

Alev is an amateur historian who claims that Roman people were extremely morally and intellectually corrupt. He says that they weren’t near as civilized, moral and nice human beings as they are portrayed to be by the ancient, medieval and modern historians.

She calls modern people nothing but consumers, claims folding Christmas Origami with family kids is her most favorite thing

Angie Thomas (name changed) says that modern common people are nothing more than mere consumers, they would just go after what is most pricey instead of what is the most valuable. She says that she enjoys folding Christmas Origami with her kids, nephews, nieces and the kids of her friends more than anything else. It doesn’t cost much at all and it is more enjoyable than anything else that she has ever done and she has done a lot of things indeed including what the society would call immoral, adventurous and expensive.

Angie has done a lot of research on almost all major cultures and religions of the world and she is surprised to know that very few people in India know that the Jatt people of India are foreigners to the land. They came to India somewhere around 350 AD and before coming to India and merging into the Hindu culture and religion, they merely used to worship their own ancestors and nothing else. The Hindus worship their ancestors as well but their ancestral worship rituals are nowhere as intense or time-consuming as those of the Jatts. Jatts call it Jathera and Brahmanical Hindus have no word for the same.

Angie used to be extremely passive and lazy in her childhood, teenage years and early 20s, although she doesn’t claim to be free from her passiveness and laziness now, she says that her condition is a lot better now.

Angie claims that one of the most important things that she has discovered throughout her reading and studying of history is that Persian and Mesopotamian people are the cruelest.

Angie runs a blog which is popular for the predictions that Angie makes from time to time, she recently predicted that Baluchistan will be free and an independent country like it has been for the vast majority of the known history by 2022.

Million dollar drop-shipping business creator loves to wholesale origami paper

Happy Brown (name changed) believes that an average cop is much more brutal than most people think. Happy’s encounters with the cops haven’t ever been happy ones, he lives in a neighborhood full of drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes.

Happy has some strange beliefs like he says that girl and boy child smell very different from the moment they are born and he can recognize the gender of a child by its smell. Happy has been called a pedophile for this strange of belief of his by cousins and friends several times but Happy couldn’t care less, he says that he is pious in his intentions and it is a talent and a skill that he has been gifted by the gods.

Happy has finally found the purpose of his life with a million dollar drop-shipping business. He buys from many different websites including Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and flips the same on several different websites including his personal ones.

The only thing that Happy wholesales personally is origami paper and he has been doing the same a lot earlier than he dropshipped for the very first time.

Happy spends a lot more time working on himself and his dreams than he does on his drop-shipping and other businesses.

Happy reads every health related article that he comes across on the internet, magazines and newspapers.

Happy has another crazy belief that feminists complain so much because they have nothing better to do. He says that feminism was real until the 1960s but after that it became an ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ for most feminists.

Happy claims that the same feminist women who claim that they can stay celibate throughout their lives and they don’t need a man to be happy are the freakiest and nastiest in bed.

Nick Gianzanti is relishing his e-commerce journey

Nick Gianzanti (name changed) doesn’t rely on anything that she reads on Quora but she relies upon some regular posters on Reddit. Nick works at a multinational corporation that has headquarters in 43 different countries including countries of Middle-East, South-East Asia, East Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Nick is not Chinese but he believes that Chinese and Mongoloids are the most superior races on earth, that’s why he reads a lot Chinese, Mongol, Assamese and Huns history.

Nick had a tough childhood growing up, each and every relative and neighbor of Nick was hostile towards women and children. Most of his uncles were domestic abusers, alcoholics, petty thieves. Nick’s mother never wanted her son to be like any of his uncles and that’s why she did her best to keep her away from them all.

Nick relishes each and every moment of his life, whatever he does, he fully enjoys himself doing it. Nick recently started trying his luck in an ecommerce business, he is making profits but not as much as he expected but he is still relishing his ecommerce journey.

All of Nick’s siblings have been quite successful due to her mother’s extraordinary efforts to raise her children well, one of Nick’s sister owns several companies, from a company that resells cosmetic products to one that sells toddler wear.

One of Nick’s sisters owns the second largest chain of salons in the state of Tocantins.

One brother of Nick owns over 200 websites, all hosted on WordPress platform. This brother is mainly responsible for Nick’s interest in the e-commerce. He is rich, he makes ton loads of money. He owns several luxury cars including Range Rovers, Mercedes,  Jaguars and BMWs.

One sister of Nick works for a major Brazilian airline and she is also a fashion model and a popular one, she has a lot of social media following, especially on Instagram.

This small Nevada strip club has marvelous chicks and they accept crypto

Griselda Benson (name changed) owns a strip club in Nevada which is much smaller when compared to the size of her major competitors but Griselda has made a very smart move, she has better ladies dancing for the men in her club, they are all stylish women of all shapes and sizes. The greatest smart move that Griselda made in order to become larger and beat her major competitors one day is that her strip club accepts all popular bitcoins, all thanks to coin market cap which keeps you updated with the latest market prices of the cryptocurrencies.

Griselda’s most favorite hobby is archery and if she focused well on it back in her younger days, she could have been a world champion by now. One of Griselda’s sisters – Blanca is a flyboarding champion and a brother of hers is a MMA boxer.

Griselda’s husband thinks that he is some bedroom warrior, ninja, paladin or a king when it comes to making intimate relationships with the women. He thinks very highly of himself, once Griselda brought him to her club and asked him to make love to as many strippers as he possibly could – one after another only 15 minutes were given to him for the rest, the dude gave up after just 7 sessions with 7 different women, which is good but not enough to proclaim oneself a king, ninja, bedroom warrior or paladin.

Griselda’s husband thinks of himself as a vanguard man in overall terms. He is a writer as well who never ends a story abruptly like most other writers of today do, especially the novelists.

Before his marriage to Griselda, Griselda’s husband used to be a huge fan of the popular MGTOW Youtuber – Sandman and used to send him donations regularly until he met Griselda. Griselda was drunk that night and she was very easy, after spending a night with Griselda, it dawned upon him that he has met his future wife and the woman who will change his life and make him grow.

Paranoid feminist genius loves to fold Christmas Origami

Avery Goldplant (name changed) is a hardcore feminist who recently created a feminist subreddit where all the posters are required to send a selfie of theirs unedited, with them holding a piece of paper up that reads their username to her before they are allowed to post. Once she even banned a member accidentally because she thought the user was wearing makeup and a wig.

Avery’s plan before was to tag the users with their pictures verified as ‘verified’ but then she changed her plan. It has been a couple of weeks since she launched that subreddit and her subreddit only has about 5 members yet which is quite low for a feminist subreddit. Feminist subreddits hop like crazy right after their launch.

Avery is a weird person in several ways herself.

Avery’s most favorite hobby is debating with anti-feminists and she can do it endlessly.

Avery participates in each and every poll that she can find online related to feminism, misogyny, anti-feminism. One of Avery’s favorite hobbies is to enter in disguise to MGTOW and related slack chat chatrooms, discord servers, subreddits, forums. Many times she would like a heartbroken lover or a boyfriend or a husband who feels like his marriage was the biggest mistake.

Avery feels for the people who get mistaken for pedophiles. One of the things that she does in the spare time is activism for the people mistaken for being pedophiles.

Avery is a great believer of the term ‘use it or lose it’. On the weekends, she folds origami for a couple of hours to recharge her brain and improve her hand-brain co-ordination. Since October, she has been folding lots of Christmas Origami. She does it really wonderfully.

Dude with porcelain veneers got gum bleeding issues as well by trying random supplements as a cure

I used to be very active on several different discord servers until about 2 months ago. No matter which server I joined this one guy used to be a member already of that particular server, we will call him Escobar here. So, this Escobar guy used to think of himself as a Mr. Know-all. He would give other information that could be hazardous for their health just because he read that somewhere on the internet. Some people are so stupid that they believe anything and everything that is written on the internet like Escobar and some are even stupider that they believe guys like Escobar with no credentials or a degree, just because they are too confident about their advice and prescriptions, some people believe that they must be right.

There is this one guy who asked in a health forum “My porcelain veneers do not seem to go away no matter how hard I try, what do I do?” Escobar appeared with his advice immediately, he told the victim to take a supplement which will for sure get rid of his issue within 2 months. The victim started taking that particular supplement and he did it for complete 2 months only to find out that along with porcelain veneers he now has gum bleeding disorder as well.

The patient lived in Prescott, Arizona which is home to some of the top dentists in the United States. Instead of going to a dentist Prescott Valley AZ, he took advice from a random guy who wastes all his time on the internet giving people dangerous advice.

The patient now had no other option than to visit a real dentist who could take care of him, he immediately went to PV Dentistry. It has been 3 months since he showed up at PV dentistry and his dental health was perfectly okay the last time I chat with him online which was roughly about 10 days ago.

Millionaire mother’s clumsy teen son creates an origami a day to improve mental health

Vivian Adell (name changed) is a mother of a very innocent teenager whom we will call Peter here. Peter is so innocent that he doesn’t know yet what makes babies. He still thinks that it happens with mere will. Peter is also not good at school or sports and is very clumsy. To improve his hand-eye coordination, motor skills and mental concentration, his mother Vivian gives her a daily task of completing an easy origami.

Like most Scandinavians, Vivian owns a Volvo but she doesn’t own only one of those. She owns each and every different model of it, she has a XC90, a XC40, XC60, V90 Station Wagon, S60 Polestar, S60 Cross Country, S90, you name it. Vivian has a passion for cars and with her income, she can afford almost every reasonable car that is available for sale on the face of earth. Vivian is one of the top vendors for kitchen products in the world and you don’t know how profitable this industry is unless you have seen the lifestyle of Vivian and her likes.

According to Vivian, “True happiness comes from trying to achieve perfection”. In her pursuit of achieving perfection, Vivian jogs miles a day, swims, meditates, works very hard, listen to motivational speeches and does a lot of other good stuff. She is very frequent to personality development programs.

Vivian detests people who moan and groan all the time including one of her ex-husbands and Peter’s father who pretended to be an extremely cool, calm and elegant multi-millionaire until his marriage to Vivian.

Vivian has scheduled her time separately and almost perfectly for her personal, family, spiritual and professional life.

Only 1 out of 1000 Pakistanis knows what a natural gas tankless water heater is

Have you ever been to Pakistan? If you have ever been there and didn’t live there for a significant time you may not be aware of their financial and economic culture but if you did live there for a significant period of time there is no way that you don’t know what Pakistani richies look like.

Imagine you come out of a black Toyota Land Cruiser in Pakistan, the people around are going to think of you as a bureaucrat, politician, army general or  someone with a dual citizenship; they are not going to perceive you as some business person or a CEO. The highest paid CEO ever in Pakistan used to get a salary of 100, 000 USD which is what the CEOs of mid-size companies in America get per month.

Almost everyone whom I know in Pakistan is trying to get a US or Europe visa, they will even settle for an African visa, especially a South African visa but they want an out from that gutter called Pakistan at any cost. 99.9% of the people there don’t even know what a natural gas tankless water heater is.

I remember a local Pakistani man from Rawalpindi, Punjab whose cousin (his mother’s sister’s son) came back from the Slough, United Kingdom to Rawalpindi, Pakistan for a whole week. This American national was then married with 2 kids and as you may be aware of the fact that most Pakistanis are inbred, even though they knew that this man is already 42, married with 2 kids, they were all showcasing their daughters to him for marriage. He went completely nuts there within a week. His male cousins were massaging his legs all the time and by making pretences, they were calling their sisters in, trying to make this American national fall in love with any of those.

She donates those Mercedes S Class cars, she has got that bitcoin money baby

Hazel Tracy (name changed) recently started a vegan restaurant that is aimed at serving nuns and monks. Hazel’s grandfather was a popular catholic advocate who had his own television program.

Throughout her business career, Hazel made countless mistakes, she kept felling at her face but never gave up. The secret to Hazel’s success is that she creates long-term goals and breaks those down into small chunks of short-term goals and work on them sincerely day and night like there’s no tomorrow.

Hazel has made tons of money flipping bitcoins and she applied the same formula to make it with bitcoins, not to mention that Qiwi to Bitcoin technique (киви на биткоин) also played a great part in her success with bitcoin business.

Hazel is a real nationalist, whenever she goes out for shopping, she always gives priority to the products made in her own country. She buys cars made in her own country too.

Hazel is fearless like a big wild cat, you can compare her to a lioness or a tigress, whatever you prefer.

Hazel likes to challenge herself by mocking rich people on their back about their money saying stuff like “She is not that rich, she just owns a Mercedes S Class which is no big deal, I donate those S Class Mercedes cars” and it gives her the challenge to push it harder for herself.

Hazel says that the most impossible looking of the goals are possible to achieve if you have the will to do it.

Hazel loves contemporary paintings and novels. Her most favorite contemporary artist is Gerhard Richter and her most favorite novelist is John Fowles.

Got rid of social anxiety and mild depression with weight loss

Meet Avery Carrera, a lady who cannot get enough of wearing classy revealing dresses. This wasn’t the case until Avery bought the best treadmill for home. She used to be obese which resulted in her having social anxiety and a very mild depression. Now, the things have been totally reversed – Avery is now beautiful with a great body, great personality, great attitude, extremely passionate and of course, very outgoing as well.

Avery’s husband Charlie is also a very handsome man with a supermodel’s body and piercing blue eyes. Avery puts herself in second position always to serve her husband Charlie and give him a total relaxation. Charlie always creates an impression on women wherever he goes without any effort and Avery loves seeing other women burning in a desire to be with him which they never will be able to as long as Avery as alive. Avery literally owns Charlie.

Avery is always clean and knows how to please. She seduces Charlie with the innocence of her charm. Charlie always brings red wine back home, it makes Avery horny and they share it together. They then share a shower together before having some private time. After that they enjoy a long steamy session in all positions with true moans. Their sessions are full of intriguing depth and genuine warmth. Each night is full of unforgettable impressions for both of them.

Avery also sometimes uses aromatic oils to stimulate the pressure points for Charlie’s entire body found on the soles of his feet.

Punjabi Indian man really need this one surgery

Ruchika Atri (name changed) tends to do things on compulsion. Ruchika is a lot different from a typical Indian wife. She is naturally flirtatious , charming with a relaxed demeanor. She genuinely likes pleasing her husband. With big full lips, pretty face and a body to die for, Ruchika drives every man crazy she stares at. Those men who value their vital fluid a lot and love saving it, end up wanking or making out with their girlfriend/wife or having a wet dream if they ever see Ruchika in a short dress from close enough.

Ruchika is a very spunky and energetic woman. Ruchika had several European and Latin boyfriends in the past but when it came to marrying one, she married an Indian Punjabi man. Ruchika had no idea until their suhagraat (first night) that her man has a tiny one. The guy really needed a penile implant surgery.

Ruchika first used to hesitate to tell him about his size and acted like she enjoyed it too much. Whenever her husband was away on a business trip, she used to call her ex-boyfriend to satiate her desires. This ex-boyfriend of Ruchika used to have steaming hot sessions with Ruchika and once they were on it, their chemistry was unmatchable. After satiating each other, they would act like they don’t know each other and mend their ways. Ruchika felt guilty about it later on but she couldn’t help herself. She has her needs. Being a woman is really tough.

Ruchika is a brainy lady and a little unpredictable as well. Recently, she had a strong argument with her husband and in the heat of anger, she told him that he has a small organ and still Ruchika never complained to him about it although it is killing her inside.

Freaky mother of 3 makes more money than most with cryptocurrency trading

Mason Moser (name changed) claims herself to be a descendant of a popular legendary historic Austrian king. While most of Mason’s friends laugh her claim behind her back and Mason knows it but she couldn’t care less.

Mason is a mother of 3 adorable daughters. Though Mason was born in a low-income family, she always did her best to look someone from high society.

Mason loves to read philosophy and her favorite quote is ‘A friend to all is a friend to none’ by Aristotle.

Mason’s husband is the embodiment of Hercules. He is a very strong, tall man with extremely broad shoulders.

Mason loves to read history as well and she claims that Hercules was in fact an Indian god whom the Greeks have been confusing for their own for millenniums.

Mason is an incredibly attractive, elegant, well-educated and delightfully passionate woman who loves to get intimate and wickedly freaky at night with her husband. Mason likes to use double meaning as well. She is really one in ten million and so is her husband. Mason welcomes her husband with a big hug and a sweet kiss each day after he comes back from work.

Mason loves every aspect of intimate pleasure and acts more like a girlfriend than a wife. She reads adult magazines all day and is a subscriber of Youtubers like Yoni Grace who teach how to increase pleasure for yourself and your man in the bed. Mason doesn’t have to go to the work in the morning, she just reads top cryptocurrencies blogs and is an expert in trading those. She makes more money than her husband trading cryptocurrencies than he does with his 5 decades old furniture business which he inherited from his father.

Blogger turned millionaire now only travel luxury class

Phil Rachid is a Brazilian gentleman from the stunning, historic, coastal and colonial town of Olinda. Phil recently inaugurated his own medium size resort near the Farol Beach with the money he made operating his blog wordpress. Initially, Phil used to make peanuts operating his blogs.

Phil’s resort only accepts online bookings and the most unique thing about Phil’s resort is that they provide guaranteed money back if you didn’t enjoy your experience there.

There is no doubt that Phil is an amazingly skillful, charming person with an unforgettable smile. Phil had to face the hardest of times in his life but he never tried scrounging for anything.

Phil is a very close friend of Tanya Ramirez, the former teacher who was accused of initiating relationship with his teenage student and is also one of the most popular persons to have featured on Dr Phil McGraw’s show.

Before becoming a blogger, Phil Rachid used to drive the cheapest Toyota sold in Brazil, today he owns a fleet of European cars.

Three months ago, Phil Rachid had to catch a plane back to Brazil from Malta but he didn’t find any luxury flight ticket available on the day and time he wanted to come back so he postponed it. Phil is living a billionaire life with his millions.

Phil wants to start his own paper mill but owing to the variable costs of pulpwood, he thinks it is better to stick with improving his current resort and increasing the number of resorts in the near future.

After not feeling well for a couple of days, Phil Rachid went to his regular general practitioner yesterday, the doctor was confused whether Phil Rachid is suffering from influenza or dengue. He asked Phil to get a blood test done on him and then come back. This is called ‘differential diagnosis’ for those who don’t know already.

Dr T’s hair transplant blog is the finest of them all

Jackie Banbury (name changed) loves to listen to the 80s music to elevate his mood when he is not having a good one. Jackie works part-time as a  virtual personal assistant to fulfill his extravagant need for the human touch and he is extremely confidential when it comes to the information about his clients.

Jackie owns a couple of other businesses as well for which he frequently goes away for work interstate. Jackie is a professional pro who is always willing to go the extra mile for success and innovation.

Jackie loves everything Czech. He once went to the Czech Republic and fell in love with the country. He buys nothing but Skodas, his wife is also a Czech.

Jackie’s wife recently got lip augmentation done to enjoy kissing sessions more. She already possesses lovely hazel eyes but wants long blonde thick hair. She has been reading Dr T’s hair transplant blog for a while to get to know better about the hair transplant, its side effects, benefits and more.

Jackie’s wife went to a local doctor for hair growth who prescribed her some medications which didn’t work at all. She has stopped taking those prescription medicines for now and claims that won’t take any ever again either.

Jackie is a businessman and he is always looking for a business that is more profitable in the long run. A business that is short-lived can have a profit margin of 1000% but that wouldn’t interest Jackie at all. In the month of September this year, Jackie started a Bhangra theme restaurant that offers quiet a superb service and unparalleled personal attention. It goes without saying that the restaurant offers a spectacular elegance.

Jackie is doing a research and writing a book on Palaiologoi Dynasty that ruled the Byzantine empire for over 150 years.

Tijuana is not known for AFO anymore, the hottest thing in Tijuana is the hair transplant now

When one hears the name Tijuana, the first thing that is most likely to pop up in your mind is the notoriously famous and ruthless drug cartel leaders Arellano Felix Brothers. All of the brothers had fantastic thick hair in their youth and you can’t deny the fact that the brothers were really handsome.

The most handsome of them all Carlo who is a vascular surgeon by profession was never involved in any of the illegal activities and he has a height of 6’5″. He still lives with his wife and 2 kids in Miami, Florida, USA.

Anyways, the city of Tijuana is currently not popular for its notorious drug cartel leaders or murder rate but instead it is known for having some of the best hair transplant doctors in the country. The most popular and busiest hair transplant Tijuana specialist is not Mexican but Turkish. His name is Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and he is currently the hottest sensation when it comes to getting a hair transplant.

Alexandra is a 48 year old woman from the small but stunning town called Tulum in the country of Mexico itself. Alexandra hates evil people and crime. Alexandra was too desperate to get a hair transplant by the best of the best hair transplant doctors aka Dr T but she was hesitating traveling all the way east to Turkey. When Alexandra learnt that Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu is coming to the city of Tijuana, she forgot all about the crime rate of Tijuana and instantly booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu. The hair transplant went successful like she knew it is going to be and Alexandra is loving her new hair.

Health and Wealth are more important than the relationships – Dia de Sorte Winner, Safere Leib

Safere Leib (name changed) believes in total financial self-reliance. Safere is a businessperson by profession. Safere didn’t feel worthy of anything before starting his business journey. Safere would always plan how to make big money while he was still in school.

Safere is so confident now after managing his businesses for several years and finding a secret money machine that he believes he can manage the most dangerous of business risks. Would you like to know what that big secret is? It is called lucky day aka dia de sorte in Safere’s native language.

Safere’s personal belief is that health and wealth are more important than the relationships. Almost all the relationships that Safere was involved in, gave him nothing but a great deal of agony.

Safere still suspects that his father took his mother to a doctor who voluntarily prescribed her the wrong prescription which ultimately contributed to her death. Safere didn’t even have a good relationship with his mother, but he still loves her somewhere deep in his heart. His mother raised him with the belief that the love of money is the root of all evil. Once Safere’s mother beat him like crazy because he withdrew small amounts from her debit card without her permission because he needed the money for something very significant and he needed that money instantly.

Safere’s cousins assaulted him many times taking advantage of Safere’s reliability and honesty. His cousins were always jealous of him.

Once Safere was out to buy some milk from a local grocery store and it took him a while to come back because he met a school friend there and they kept gossiping for at least 20 minutes. Safere’s father beat him with a leather belt because he thought Safere was chasing girls and his meeting with his school friend was a lie.

Infamous Fethiye City General Practitioner got PRP done by Dr T

Laniyah Robertson (name changed) is one of the most popular female general practitioners in the popular port city of Turkey – Fethiye. Laniyah had heard about one of the latest thinning clinic hair procedures – Platelet-Rich Plasma aka PRP but she didn’t know how well it works until she got it done on herself by the infamous Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

Laniyah loves estate cars (station wagons). She currently owns a Volvo V90 Cross Country, a Mercedes E Class All Terrain and an Audi A4 Allroad.

Laniyah’s parents used to live a very ordinary and meager life but they still somehow managed to make their daughter a general practitioner. Before the birth of Laniyah, there was a time when Laniyah’s parents used to live off the good grace of friends and relatives and they were homeless as well.

Laniyah’s parents are the perfect examples of how good can your own life and that of your life can become if you persist extremely long in difficult circumstances. Although it took Laniyah’s parents very long time to get back up, they did it nevertheless.

During tough times, Laniyah’s parents went to India for spiritual growth and met only fraud gurus like Sant Rampal, Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan and Asaram Bapu.

Laniyah’s father is a scholar and was one of the people to contribute to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest political manifesto.

Wife bought great looking bow ties for husband that he fell in love with immediately

Aase Pearce (name changed) is an Australian lady from Queensland. Aase has an unbelievably great memory. As you may be aware of the fact that memory requires emotional energy, so you may wonder how much of an emotional being Aase is.

Aase believes everything happens for a reason and she also believes that her marriage which has survived so beautifully with her one and only boyfriend and husband ever Aaron (name changed) also happened for some divine reason.

Aaron is a very ambitious gentleman who was born and raised in Sydney, the largest city of Australia. Aaron believes in getting better financial results faster and he always pumps himself up with the popular motivational speaker Brian Tracy’s popular “I like myself”.

Along with being ambitious, Aaron is very kind, passionate and affectionate human being and those are the traits that Aase loves most in Aaron.

Recently, Aaron wanted to buy 3 bow ties but kept on procrastinating because of lack of time and he hates shopping. It had been 3 weeks and he didn’t even check any bow ties at all offline or online. Again, Aase came into picture and bought those for Aaron herself. Aaron loved the bow ties and he is glad that he didn’t bought them himself because he thinks that he couldn’t buy such beautiful and great quality bow ties at the price that Aase did. They have a lovely relationship where they care so much about each other.

In the month of August, the couple enjoyed a trip to India thoroughly. They went to Thar Desert, Western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Aase’s one and only sister had a very abusive and alcoholic husband who would abuse her verbally, physically and emotionally. She is a divorcee now and she has always been envious of Aase.

Single Mother going to Jogja on a vacation with her 8 year old son


Caitlin Banai (name changed) is a single American mother who was born in the city of Chicago but moved to Miami in her late teens and has been living there since then. After the father of Caitlin’s child left her, she feels abandoned and lonely even though she claims that her child is everything to her.

Caitlin’s mother used to be a teacher in a popular Chicago school until the day she realized how boring a teacher she was. She left the job of teaching that day and started her own boutique which didn’t do well at all.

Caitlin never knew that the father of her child was on a police blotter until she read a news about him. That was the day when things started messing up in their relationship and he finally left her to become a single mother and handle all the difficulties and baggage by herself. Caitlin still doesn’t know whether he is in prison or anywhere else at the moment.

Caitlin’s son is 8 years young now and the mother and son duo are heading for a vacation to Jogja, Java, Indonesia in December this year. They have already booked the Jogja car rental (rental mobil Jogja) too.

Caitlin recently met a young man from Chicago whom she is interested in having a relationship with but the scars that her previous relationship has left on her psyche makes it difficult for her to have another relationship.

Inherited Hundreds of Millions Lira but still procrastinated the hair transplant for 4 years

Mert Bolat (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the city of Istanbul. Mert is a serial procrastinator and he loves to do everything right that is not needed to be done at all. He always procrastinates on the most important tasks and him getting hair transplant done too late is one of the greatest examples. Mert inherited hundreds of millions inheritance from his father, so hair loss treatment cost was not an issue for him at all.

Mert is 51 now and he had lost most of his hair back when he was 47. Everyone including his wife, kids, friends and relatives were telling him to get a hair transplant but he wouldn’t listen. He got the transplant done back in the month of July of this year by the greatest Turkish hair transplant specialist Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

Mert has been doing crazy things all his life. When he was 43, he became disciple of the popular and very dissent guru of India – Nithyananda. Mert claims that Nithyananda clarified all his misconceptions and taught him that prudence is the first of moral virtues.

Mert has been worshiping the Hindu god Shiva since his meeting with Nithyananda. Mert is the son of a popular industrialist and actor who was a household name throughout his life. Mert’s father always taught him to function at the next level and Mert did the same to his own children. Mert always taught his kids to function at the very next level as they were growing.

Turkish doctors offer the most value for money when it comes to hair transplant

Sonja Rohn (name changed) is a 48 year old American lady who was born in the very small town called Dickson in Tennessee but Sonja’s family moved to Nashville, Tennessee for better opportunity when Sonja was 6.

Sonja’s dad always had a cosa nostra mentality. You know what cosa nostra is? Cosa nostra means ‘our thing’ in Italian. Sonja’s dad used to work laboring jobs and he has always had an attitude that he is entitled to everything in the world.

When Sonja was 20, she moved out and started living in Chicago, California. She used to work at a McDonalds there and she met the man of her dreams (we will call him Dennis here) there who was a co-worker and a level senior to her.

Sonja and Dennis married after dating for 2 years. Sonja was 23 and Dennis was 27 when they married. The couple has been together ever since and they have 3 kids together – 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Sonja and Dennis never cheated on each other and both have always had a very pleasurable and romantic personal life. When Sonja was 40, she started losing hair and she was worried that Dennis doesn’t start cheating on her because she was losing her attractiveness as she was getting older. Dennis on the other hand never cared about it, Sonja had always been the most beautiful woman in his life.

After 2 years of applying several different Indian ayurvedic oils and finding no results, Sonja decided to get a hair transplant. She looked for the hair transplant costs in all over the world and found out that hair transplant costs in Turkey (Haartransplantationskosten in der Türkeiwere the most justified and reasonable. Sonja booked an appointment with the most popular transplant specialist in Turkey aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and decided to take along with him Dennis so that they can enjoy a little vacation in Turkey together as well.

Stripper chooses an online personal trainer to lose weight

Constance (name changed) is a 27 year old woman who was born in the city of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Constance moved to Adelaide when she was 22.

Constance suffered from dissociative personality disorder for 6 years, in precise, all her teens, from the age of 13 to 19. Constance’s father was a serial rapist. Yes, he did offend his own daughter as well and was convicted in the year 2010 when Constance was 19. Constance lived in Launceston, Tasmania for 3 more years and worked at a McDonald’s. Then she moved to Adelaide because she got a better opportunity there. Yes, she was being paid 4$ more per hour at a beach shack in Adelaide.

After working at that beach shack in Adelaide for 2 years, Constance decided to work as a stripper at a gentlemen’s club in Adelaide itself. While working at the strip club Constance got addicted to several bad habits which ultimately led to her gaining weight. Constance was asked out of the strip club and Constance was now so much addicted to the gentlemen’s money that she couldn’t imagine working herself at a McDonald’s or a beach shack anymore.

Constance decided to hire an online personal trainer to help her lose those extra lbs. It only took her a couple of months to lose 42 lbs and get back to working at another strip club. After a few months of online personal training and now Constance looks like a busty fitness model. Constance is looking better than ever before and she is also loving her job as a stripper more than ever. Bible says ‘One man one woman, one God one church”. Constance says “One Constance one job” and that one job is of course making men happy working at the strip club.

UK Lady won 10 Million Brazilian Reals in the popular Rio de Prêmios

There was a time when Sheridan (a UK born female living in Salvador, Brazil for the last 7 years) couldn’t stop thinking about the good old times. She used to miss her old days she spent in Cheshire, England a lot but now no more of that. Since Sheridan has won 10 million Brazil Reals (which is over 2 million Great British Pounds) in Rio de Prêmios as an award, Sheridan has been loving her live in Brazil more than ever and the memories of Cheshire, England now repulse her.

Sheridan finds Brazil and Brazilian cities very exotic and she likes to call Brazil ‘paradise on earth’. Sheridan has a degree in Hotel Management and she doesn’t work any job since she won the River of Awards.

Sheridan doesn’t drink alcohol, she doesn’t smoke, never took any drugs. Sheridan doesn’t even take caffeine in any form. She doesn’t drink tea, coffee, soda, etc. Sheridan claims that she is a clean thinker and alcohol, nicotine, caffeine,etc work like kryptonites on her. Sheridan loves to live an overall healthy life and usually she doesn’t watch television or play video games.

Sheridan never married but she was in a relationship with this one Brazilian man from the coastal town of Guarujá, Sao Paulo. Sheridan hates wearing lingerie and he loved to see her in lingerie only. They once had a very hot argument and everything went wrong from there. He also believed in demonic possessions. He also talked utter non-sense sometimes like he was a war hero in the Second Italian War of Independence and he has been reincarnated. The guy was crazy good in bed and extremely handsome but all his non-sense was driving Sheridan crazy and she couldn’t take it anymore.

UK born and raised friends got 3000 grafts hair transplant done at Istanbul

Connor and Diego are two best friends who were born and raised in the Manchester, United Kingdom and moved to the Gozo, Malta when they were both 25. They had a wonderful business idea that could only work in Gozo and Malta and they were right. Their business idea really worked.

Both the friends worked at a park station for a few months at the age of 21. Both the friends hate the hypocrisy of human beings. They both are very straight-forward and think as a society, not individuals. They hate that almost everybody postulates generosity and selflessness but does the otherwise.

Both the friends are 42 now and they had been suffering from hair loss since the age of 28. Recently they both got hair transplants done in Istanbul, Turkey and they are loving it. Their hair transplant before and after 3000 grafts pictures will astonish you.

Both Connor and Diego are great fans of the surreal artist Salvador Dali. Both had superstitious mothers and both had self-confessed genius fathers.

Connor and Diego like to play the game Minecraft a lot. They both were once when they were 19 thinking of going into military but their relatives discouraged them.

Connor got married to a local Maltese lady who is 2 years older than him at the age of 31 and Diego’s parents chose a bride for him when he was 32 who is 3 years younger than him. Both friends are extremely happy with their spouses.

Connor remembers when his mother would find girls for him to date when he was filling out like crazy musculature wise. Connor was raised Catholic but he is very secular and respects all religions and races. Diego was raised protestant but he has issues with other religions and a few races. Diego is sort of a White Supremacist and he doesn’t tell anybody about it, but as they say, actions speak louder than words.

87 year old about to visit Jogja this November

Adrian and Jordan are father and son from the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Adrian is 87 years old and Jordan is 41. Both father and son never married, lol. Adrian took a vow of celibacy when he was 25 and he adopted Jordan when Jordan was 2.

Adrian used to be a chain smoker in his youth, then he started smoking the parliament cigarette thinking that he is beating he is successfully beating his addiction because the advertisement on the Mike Wallace’s 60 minutes show used to tell the audience that the parliament cigarette is almost free from Nicotine. Adrian’s inner self knew that this cannot be true but his addicted self wouldn’t listen.

After Adrian adopted Jordan, Adrian’s addiction to smoking and nicotine disappeared without any effort itself. Adrian raised Jordan very well and both father and son enjoy one vacation each year. This year they booked a paket wisata jogja. Last year, they together enjoyed a trip to Bangkok.

Both Adrian and Jordan hate that they live in a shallow society. Adrian’s dream to be on 60 minutes with Mike Wallace before death remained a dream. That’s one of the things that Adrian wishes he could achieve. Adrian had the misfortune of meeting Muammar Al Gathafi in the year 1998. Adrian says that the man was very arrogant and weird but he really had something about himself different from the others in a very positive way that was very attractive. He puts Muammar Al Gathafi in one sentence as “A weird, arrogant and a magnetic personality.”

Until the age of 35, Jordan used to shy away from the women and even showed no interest in them. Since he turned 40, he is thinking of marrying and having babies. Some of his best friends’ wives were liars, deceivers and cheaters. Whenever Jordan has a thought of that, he gets discouraged immediately about marriage.

Financially successful young Long Beach CA Gentleman cannot stand soap scums

Joseph Lloyd (name changed) is a young California boy. Joseph was born in San Jose, was raised up in Los Angeles and moved to Long Beach after completing his college. Joseph has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Sweden. Joseph finds nothing beautiful and better than his current city Long Beach, California.

Joseph’s mother used to be a popular surrealist artist and she was really great at what she did. She used to drive a Gray Mercedes W123 to work and Joseph always loved his mother more than his father. Joseph’s father ran his small department store and he drove a white Chevrolet Chevette. Joseph’s father was incapable and he had a huge ego. He was always jealous of Joseph’s mother and would find one way or another to have an argument with her.

Joseph hates the summer season and in the Long Beach, it is very hot and dry in the summers. Still, even in the summers, Joseph loves the Long Beach more than any other city in the world.

Joseph is 26 and he has never been in a relationship. He firmly believes that the friendliness between boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives are superficial and a pain in the long term. Joseph runs several successful online businesses and drives a Ferrari 458 Italia. Joseph cannot stand two things and they are (i) Selfishness of people, (ii) Soap Scums. Joseph has successfully found out the solution for the soap scums and he has been using this best soap scum remover for a couple of years to get rid of those but he is yet to come for a solution for the selfishness of the people.

Vietnam War Veteran and Ex-Businessman is living the ideal retirement life

Fred is a 71 year old retired Vietnam war veteran and ex-businessman. Fred doesn’t have any progeny. He is all alone and he doesn’t regret it at all because he got to live his life his own way. Fred was always a loner. He never even had a girlfriend.

Fred’s father used to be a pilot for American Overseas Airlines.

For the past 20 years, the biggest hobby of Fred has been watching television. He misses his most favorite TV show ever Criss Angel Believe a lot. His current favorite is Ellen Degeneres Show.

Just about 12 years ago, all of Fred’s businesses were shut and he was on the verge of being a bankrupt. He didn’t know what to do. He even had to sold his house in the New York city and move to a much smaller city – Prescott. Luckily enough, Fred saw somebody mentioning about Prescott Financial Planner on an Arizona internet forum where Fred logged in to check more details about the city of Prescott and Arizona lifestyle.

As Fred had no hope with his own businesses and he had lost confidence in himself completely after realizing that all the knowledge about making money that he had has already become completely obsolete. Fred thought of giving it a go and purchased some stocks on their advice. The decision exceeded his expectations, and within a couple of months, the investment was doubled. Since then, Fred has been enjoying retirement with the help of Prescott Financial Planners and enjoying his life to the fullest.

He watches Youtube videos, plays video games, follows politics, participate in online forums, and watch reality shows all day. He sleeps without any worries or tensions. He has also been spending time lately researching on herbs that promise longevity.

Doing an MBBS in Bangladesh is easier than ever before for Indians

Don’t fall for the ads in the major newspapers for a MBBS in Bangladesh. If you interact a lot with knowledgeable people, they will tell you that Smile Education Consultancy is unparalleled when it comes to getting a MBBS in Bangladesh and they never advertise in major newspapers.

Medical field is the best field for serving others and making money. All the other other industries are ever changing and they offer nothing but ever changing profits.

Doctors are some of the best world class people. A doctor loses so much sleep all the time to serve the society. It takes a lifetime to become a doctor and then too you can only become one if you possess extraordinary intelligence.

It is funny how some youngsters think they are too good looking for becoming a doctor. You can never be too good looking for a doctor.

It is obvious that the people that get to become doctors in the future score very high marks in their school. Becoming a doctor is not for everyone. You need to have several peculiar qualities to become one. In my personal opinion, doctors are underpaid.

It is funny how many people nowadays think they can get cured by using Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has no cure for anything, at best they can cure constipation or diarrhea temporarily. Practicing modern medicine is a frazzling work and ayurveda is not.

Medical doctors only fill a country’s treasury, ayurveda is doing the same for India but soon the truth will be out. Many college professors wants their sons or daughters to become a medical doctor only in the future. Having a disagreement with your parents doesn’t mean that you kill their dreams. If your parents want to make you a doctor in the future and are ready to bear the fee for it, you just go for it.

Former Popular American Rock Band Member loves his MadOxx Activewear

Maddie (name changed) used to be a member of one of the most popular American rock bands in the late 80s. The band fell apart due to the drug use, egoism, and several other bad habits and misunderstanding among the members.

Maddie’s mother used to teach geography at a private school and that’s where Maddie got his hatred for geography. Maddie’s mother is alive and well; and she loves to study maps.

Maddie’s one and only son thinks of himself as Dr. Phil and impersonates him all the time. Maddie is now 54 years old and he recently proposed a girl 30 years junior only to get rejected. Maddie didn’t feel any sort of melancholy afterwards.

Maddie was already dreaming about the third date with her. All her dreams went shattered and I don’t know why but I feel happy about it.

Maddie is a lover of nature. He has gained a lot of weight lately and he had every friend and every relative telling him to lose some weight; even his fans that he meets on the streets once in a while indirectly tell him that he has gained a lot of weight.

So, Maddie decided to buy some sweatpants and sweatshirts from MadOxx and do some jogging every morning. Maddie loves mountainous regions and that’s the reason why he lives in the Lake Placid neighborhood of the New York.

Maddie’s favorite city in the United States is Los Angeles and for several reasons. It is definitely not because he gets to see the so-called celebrities there. He loves to see the trees of Los Angeles. Los Angeles really has a wide and beautiful variety of trees.

Maddie recently made a proclamation to himself that he is going to stay celibate throughout the rest of his life if he doesn’t find a lady at least 25 years younger than him. Let’s see whether he will be able to live up to that.

Sydney boy got the best earphones for 25 AUD from the Pample Mousse

Carlo is a chad from the city of Sydney. Carlo was fearless from the day he was born. He would do all the adventurous and new stuff that his friends wouldn’t touch. Like recently, he ordered the best earphones available in the market from The Pample Mousse. All his friends were asking him to buy the same from either Amazon or eBay because they weren’t aware of The Pample Mousse but Carlo like always did what he thought was the best irrespective of the risks involved.

The earphones arrived to him in a timely manner and all his friends are speechless after seeing that the same earphones that were being sold for $44.99 at eBay and Amazon, Carlo got them for only $25 and they came with a warranty.

Carlo is also a very spiritual guy. He has been involved in Hinduism and Buddhism personally though he is a Catholic by birth. Carlo’s ancestors came to the Australia back in eighteenth century.

Carlo’s father is an alcoholic and his mother is a devout Catholic. Carlo hates alcohol. “I never drank a drop of alcohol and I am never going to drink this slow poison ever”, Carlo says.

Although Carlo loves Hinduism and Buddhism, he eats beef. According to him, “Beef is one the most delicious and nutritious food.”

There was a time when Carlo used to spend all his time on White Supremacy forums, blogs and chatrooms. Now, he believes in multi culturism, multi race.

Carlo is also a fan of late spiritual leader Osho and recently after being referred from one of his videos, he read the book of Mirdad and became even a bigger fan of him.

Carlo’s maternal grandfather used to be a local bishop at a Catholic Church. Carlo’s father has gained a lot of weight lately due to his drinking addiction.

You have found the best kitchen remodeling company here

Sarita is a 31 year old Indian engineer who was born and raised by low-income parents in an Uttar Pradesh village. Sarita was only 22 when she got married to a local small merchant. The marriage was an arranged one and although Sarita wanted to study even further, she had no other choice. She was always a timid homely girl and its a tradition of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Although the government has given the women rights, they still don’t have the guts to ask for those rights, especially in the villages.

So, in 2016, Sarita, like all other citizens of her village, got a free laptop. The laptops were distributed by the respected chief minister of the state and they were given to the engineers only. After receiving the laptop, Sarita didn’t have any idea what to do with it. The laptop was given to her without any windows or any other software installed.

Once a brother of her came to her village who is also an engineer, he installed Windows 7 in  Sarita’s laptop. Sarita liked it but the only reason why she carried the laptop was because she wanted it for her son. If it was for herself, she would have sold it in the market.

Her son wanted only Windows 10. Sarita or anybody in her family didn’t have any money to buy good food, let alone the Windows 10.

And there was this sister of Sarita who was married to an American-Indian. She was getting her Kitchen Remodel by one of the most prominent companies in the Prescott, Arizona.

Self-made Millionaire Installed XMEyepc to keep a check of his NY City Mansion

Hudson Richards is a self-made 36 year young multi-millionaire. Hudson is a father of identical twin babies who are only 2 years young now. Hudson’s wife left him for another man because she always felt that Hudson didn’t pay her enough attention. Hudson did his best to save his marriage but he failed to. Hudson is always busy try to make a better fortune for his kids and his wife was always busy trying to create another argument. Hudson has taken of vow to never marry again.

It took Hudson 15 years of constant hard work to buy a mansion at his dream neighborhood Jamaica Estates, Queens.

Hudson has recruited 4 full time nannies to take care of his babies. Hudson takes great care of his babies. He has installed cameras everywhere in his mansion to see what’s going on in there and when he is at his office in Fifth Avenue, North Midtown, he can check what’s going on in his mansion and how the nannies are taking care of his kids through the help of XMEyepc

Just a week ago, Hudson found out that one nanny wasn’t taking good care of his kids and he fired her.

Hudson buys the best food for his babies after consulting with one of the best nutritionists in the New York city. Hudson has installed a mini gym in his own mansion so that he can spend more time with his kids. He is talking to his kids when he is riding that stationary bike or running on the treadmill.

Hudson started working very hard when he was 18 after he started wondering why some people are rich and why some are poor. He discovered that it is all a cause and effect thing in other words what you sow is what you reap.