Your whey protein supplement’s bottle was also manufactured in the R.A.C.

If you are a regular seller or buyer of protein supplements, say a big thank you to the plastic molding manufacturers┬ábased in the Republic of China. Your whey protein supplement would have been a lot more expensive if the bottle of it wasn’t manufactured in China.

The Chinese companies are responsible for keeping the prices low for thousands and thousands of products including the protein supplement. No wonder why the protein supplement is preferred by the people who can’t afford food rich in protein. If it was some American or European company manufacturing the bottles or jars in which whey protein is carried, the price for the supplement would have been double or triple as the European and American companies don’t know how to manufacture anything cheap. They are extravagant when it comes to the cost of production and poorly so.

I know a lot of bodybuilders who claim they wouldn’t have touched their protein supplement if it had been any more pricey. I say to them all to thank the Republic of China and its plastic companies for your great looking and functioning body. China has given the world so much and mostly in the past few decades, it has changed the way the world’s economy functions.

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