Is there any doubt that China is the greatest hub for diecasting?

Do you know where most of the aluminium car toys are made today? Even if you possess a little bit of knowledge about the business world you already know the answer to the question and the answer is Republic of China (RAC). Most aluminum die casting factories are located in the major cities of China today.

If you are somehow in an industry that requires diecasting or something related and you are getting it done in your own country and your own country is located somewhere in the America or Europe, need I say that you are already running into losses?

Even giants like Mattel and Diecast had to move their operations to China in order to survive. As Darwin said that the only those species will survive that are able to change according to time and same is the case with the industries. Those who refuse to drop their old dogmas and blind nationalism go extinct.

So, let’s take the case of most LED lighting fixtures nowadays. You may think of yourself as a real nationalist while buying a LED light sold to you by a company that is headquartered in your own country, but you may be not aware of the fact that most of the LED lighting fixtures are die casted in Chinese factories. Most of these factories are located in Dongguan.

After reading the above mentioned fact, you might think that you are doing something wrong by buying LED lights half-made in China. No, you are not. You are saving your money, you are saving your country’s economy, and you are buying something reliable and full of innovation. Whether it is the Lenovo Laptops or Volvo Cars, the Chinese are doing their best and you must feel smart after  buying reliable Chinese products that are cheapest and the best in all respects.

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