Graphic Designer turned Amazon Seller making around 150k a year

Osmin is a 30 year old graphic designer who used to work for one of the most popular designing companies in all of America. Osmin was getting 60, 000 US Dollar per year as the salary and he wasn’t too happy with it. He always knew that his time and money is worth much more. Anything that Osmin ever does, he puts his 100% into that. You won’t find him Whatsapping, or liking the pictures of his friends on the Facebook during the work hours. While he is working, he is working.

Osmin always loved graphic designing, he never asked himself to quit his job because he didn’t like working, but he always thought that he deserved better. He finally quit the job and started his own graphic designing business. He started freelancing and at first, the business was good, but Osmin forgot to follow all the Terms and Conditions all the time and his account was eventually terminated. Osmin was shattered. He was doing what he loved and was also planning to visit the 7 wonders of the world with the money he was saving. All his dreams disappeared overnight. He contacted the support of those freelancing websites, but they didn’t provide him any support.

Osmin then applied for jobs in some of the top graphic designing companies but they were all full. Osmin didn’t know what to do, he looked for an answer on the internet and finally stumbled upon this article about how to sell on Amazon for beginners. Osmin had the little investment which he then used to start his own Amazon selling business and is now making over 12, 000 US Dollars per month. He still misses graphic designing sometimes, but the desire to go back to his old life vanishes the moment he looks at his brand new Mercedes Benz.

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