Soldier Toy Products getting their products manufactured at Guangdong

Sheena and Shayla are same sex spouses from the United States of America. They are currently living in Conroe, Texas. Originally, Sheena is from the city of Houston, Texas while Shayla is from Fort Myers, Florida. They both used to work at one of the greatest toy manufacturing companies ever, which I wouldn’t like to name here; that toy manufacturing company is where both Sheela and Shayla met each other for the very first time. They fell in love at the first sight.

Sheena and Shayla got married after their first meeting and after a couple of months of their marriage decided to start a toy company of their own. The couple decided that their company will only focus on creating plastic soldier toys. They didn’t have a budget to start a manufacturing unit of their own, but they had lots of knowledge about the business.

The couple had all the plan about how they are going to market their toys and what publicity stunts they will use to attract the customer. They also created an Amazon and an eBay account to sell their products on. After that, the couple started their hunt for the best plastic mold company in the Republic of China.

The Republic of China is full of plastic molding companies, but the best ones are located in the Guangdong Province. They ordered prototypes at more than 20 factories, and they found better quality  and price than what they expected at a factory situated in Dongguan.

Sheena and Shayla’s soldier toys are rocking the sales chart and now they are planning to launch their toys at the brick and mortar stores. They will start with Walmart and Spencer’s first. No wonder why they haven’t picked up Toys r US yet. This is the American Dream lived with Chinese help.

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