Kuala Lumpur born, Johor raised living in George Town to find a meaning in life

Ashraff is a 23 year young Malaysian boy who was born in the city of Kuala Lumpur, but moved to his family village in Johor with his parents when he was only 2. Ashraff was never good at studies. He used to score only enough grades to pass the examinations. Ashraff’s parents never sent him to a college or a university and asked him to find a job for himself as soon as Ashraff completed the school.

Ashraff got a job at a McDonald’s in the beautiful George Town. His family gave him the permission to move there and he started living there in a small one room rented house. Ashraff was working at the McDonald’s since he was 18 and on his 22nd birthday, he was so bored of his life that he even thought of ending it. Ashraff made no friends at the McDonald’s in George Town, he had no girlfriend, he was just existing. He became a total walking misery. He had no money to buy a Playstation so that he can enjoy a bit of his life. He had no money to buy a club membership to go to after the job and enjoy his life.

He once tried to become friends with a co-worker who was also very reserved and had no friends. His co-worker told him about ubat kuat, Ashraff started taking ubat kuat regularly to feel some difference in his life. He never felt so good. He now knew what life is. He started enjoying it like never before.

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