Dentist changed his life with the right marketing company


Ramesh Jhandapurwala is an Indian born American dentist who moved to the United States only after a couple of months of completing his dental education. Ramesh Jhandapurwala came with lots of hopes to the United States of America thinking that it would be too easy here to get lots of patients. He was more than surprised to see that the established dentists find themselves in hard situation trying to make a living here.

He was confused whether to go back to his home country of India or to stay in the United States. He decided that he will stay in the United States and try a little harder. He moved from city to city, trying his best to become successful. When finally he decided to settle down in Montgomery, he thought to himself that it is his last try, he won’t try it any further than this and move back to his home country if he doesn’t do well in Montgomery either.

He wasn’t doing well in Montgomery either, he was losing money. The number of patients he was getting weren’t even enough for him to pay the rent of the clinic. He was just playing video games and doing online surfing without any objective when he came across

He said to himself “It looks very appealing. Why not give it a try and if they are really as good as they claim, I can live in the States forever and fulfill my dream of becoming one of the most popular dentists ever.”

He got in touch with the marketing guys and paid them the amount that they asked for. Only within a couple of months, he started hiring employees to take care of the patients. The number of the patients was getting more everyday and his clinic started to feel very small too for them.

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