Cambridge man got his hair back with fue transplant

Brice is a 38 year old man living in the Cambridge city. Brice was always a writing freak. In his school days too, he would write poetry, jokes and other stuff. Brice made many girlfriends with his poetry and many male friends with his jokes. Younger school kids would adore him because of his jokes. In the school bus, he would tell the jokes he had written himself and everybody would clap and cheer.

Brice was also a favorite of his teachers due to his witty nature and not to mention the parents. Brice was also great at studies. He would always rank second highest in the class. Brice was good looking too, I wouldn’t say that he was a Brad Pitt of his school, but he looked pretty good.

One fine day of 1997, when Brice was only 17, Brice found his hairline receding, first he got scared and was about to cry like a baby, then he thought it must be due to some hormonal change or something like that.

By the time Brice was 22, he had lost 30% of his hair. Brice became very under-confident and wouldn’t approach any girl and just sit in his room and write sad poetry. He became very pessimistic as well. His parents used to tell him that hair is not everything and they would do their best to console him.

Brice then once heard about how good fue hair transplant UK is. He was 32 already and had lost 80% of his hair. He decided to give it a go. He went for the transplant and for the last 6 years, he has turned into a chick magnet. Brice didn’t enjoy his dating life much in his 20s due to his under-confidence, but he is rocking the dating charts in the Cambridge city now. Anything is possible in the 21st century.

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