Geeky Automotive Engineer looking stunning in her bridal dress

Lieu is a 25 year young Vietnamese girl who is an automotive engineer by profession. Lieu is getting married this year and all her friends and family are too much excited for the occasion.

Lieu is a geek girl who wears glasses and lives a complete geek lifestyle and she had no idea what to wear on her wedding. Her friends have chosen her thuê váy cưới from one of the best boutiques in Hanoi City.

Lieu is originally from the Pleiku city, but she went all the way down to the Hanoi city to buy that wedding dress for her dream day.

The wedding dress that she has bought cannot be considered lesser than a piece of art. Every dress that the boutique creates is unique and nevertheless beautiful. The moment Lieu had a glimpse of her wedding dress, she fell in love and the best thing that she likes about her wedding dress is the neckline.

Lieu’s Fiance is a businessman who owns 4 car dealerships in the city of Pleiku.

Lieu was looking for her wedding dress on Etsy and eBay before her friends convinced her to travel all the way to the Hanoi city with them. Etsy has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to a wedding dress but nothing can beat a local boutique. When it comes to the wedding dress, never buy anything online. Wedding is the most special occasion of your life and don’t waste it by buying anything that you see online.

Most non-Vietnamese people think that “red” is the only color that brides wear in Vietnam on their special day, but it is not so. Lieu has chosen the color white for her special day and she is loving it. I personally prefer red color though, but Lieu is loving her white bridal dress.

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