Millionaire Indian Stock holder doesn’t go to hunting without that bow sight

Naresh is a Kanpur born, Allahabad raised Indian Arora guy who was raised in dirt poor environment. When Naresh was 12, he lost his grandmother (the only person that really cared about Naresh) and that was the most disastrous experience that happened to Naresh which he cannot forget yet.

Naresh is 33 now and he was a millionaire by the time he was 27. Naresh didn’t complete his senior high school and he wasn’t even good at studies, but what he was always good at was making money and doing whatever it takes to achieve the goals he really wanted to achieve.

Naresh was introduced to stock holding in the year 2006. Everybody that Naresh knew was losing money on stock holding, and it was Naresh’s gut feeling that he can become a multi-millionaire with stock holding.

Naresh took a loan of Rs. 60, 000 (roughly around 900 US Dollars) from a friend to invest in stocks. Contrary to what other Indian people do, Naresh didn’t rely only on television for which stocks to buy and which ones to not. Naresh did and still does the research in his own personal way which in addition to being personal is also private and secret. He never tells his stock holding secrets to anyone.

So, within less than 6 years of investing in stocks, Naresh became a millionaire. With his millions came many hobbies, one of Naresh’s most favorite hobbies is hunting and since the day Naresh found out about bow sights, he doesn’t go for hunting wild boars and blue bulls without that best bow sight for hunting.

Naresh has a financial target that he wants to achieve. Once he achieves his financial target, he will go to Africa to hunt them Cheetahs.

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