Brazilian Hairdresser opens up his own chain of Hair Salons

Mantak is a very charming young man living in the city of Recife, Brazil. Mantak was born to a Chinese mother and a Brazilian father. He was raised up in a middle-class family in a Catholic environment. When Mantak was a kid, he wanted to be a priest, but then his priorities changed. Mantak started desiring money, wealth and prosperity, which are against the Catholic church.

After completing his schooling, Mantak decided to go for a course in hairdressing. His plan was to build a big chain of barber shops all over Brazil once he is done with it. He forgot that it requires lots of money and experience in the business.

Mantak, started working for one of the biggest hair salons in Recife, Brazil after learning the hairdressing course. He was quite liked by all the clients and they would tip him good too. But that was not enough for Mantak. He wanted a lot more than that. He wanted to be the boss of the biggest hairdressing chain in Brazil.

Mantak found it was not possible to achieve his dreams being a hairdresser. So, Mantak started investing his tips in television draws and lotteries. It had already been a few months, and Mantak was losing money on lotteries and television draws, but after exact 135 days of playing, he won a TV draw and he couldn’t believe his yes when he saw¬†resultado tele sena.

It has already been 5 months since that happened. Mantak has already opened 3 branches of his own hair salon. He has named his salon – “Look like Mantak”. I don’t quite like the name, because no real woman wants to look like Mantak and not all men want to look like Mantak either. I hope he changes the name really soon and get more serious about the business.

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