Canadian Woman making over 10k a month importing and selling acid etched glass from China

Milagros is a 35 year old Canadian divorcee whose husband (Bridger) left her for some younger girl. Milagros’ husband was always a broke guy and he did nothing all day, but played video games or watched filthy movies. He never took care of the children born to Milagros and him. They have 2 beautiful children together, one boy and one girl, the boy is aged 8, while the girl is only 5.

After her husband left Milagros, she was helpless, how is she going to support her 2 kids and herself. She lived in Vancouver, which is the most expensive city in all of Canada. The kids and Bridger were able to survive in Vancouver until they lived with Bridger because although he was broke and useless, he used to arrange the money somehow. He didn’t tell anyone how he did it, but he would start shouting at Milagros whenever she asked him a question.

From Vancouver, they moved to Laval where Milagros started working at a hotel as a receptionist. While working at the hotel, Milagros met a Canadian-Chinese man who was one of the most frequent visitors to their hotel. He asked Milagros for a coffee one day after work, and Milagros went for it, she had already started liking the guy and was waiting for him to make the first move.

During coffee, he asked Milagros if she does anything else as well, Milagros told him “No”, but she also told him that she very much wants to, the salary isn’t enough for her. He told her that he is willing to finance her some money and she can use that money to buy the best quality acid etched glass from a Chinese website that goes by the nameĀ and sell it for a profit in Canada through eBay.

Milagros followed the man’s instructions and now after doing it for a few months, she’s been making a steady 10k+ a month.

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