Mom and Son duo making millions a year making and selling malt with right equipment

Emery (name changed) is a 48 year old Maltese heiress who received 80 million Euros as inheritance when her father died. His father had all the money invested in the real estate, he had no business running. Emery has a son named Jasper who is now 23 years young.

Emery and Jasper decided to start a malt brewing company with a part of the money that Emery inherited. Both mother and son had traveled throughout the world already and whenever they told the locals in Turkey, India, China, and much of the world that they are from Malta, the locals of most country had a notion that the Malt whisky has something to do with the name Malta.

Emery and Jasper wanted to take advantage of the notion that locals of most other countries had. They hired an expert in the field who also guided them about where to get the best grain mill, grist case and pipe chain conveyor. Emery and Jasper traveled all the way with the expert to Ningbo city, China to visit Yolong personally.

After visiting the factory, they were stunned to see the quality of the factories they now have in China. Everything was so fine, neat and clean. They ordered the required number of equipment that they needed and went back to Malta. They didn’t have an idea that it’s the same company where so many of their Canadian rivals that they look up to are getting their equipment from.

Today, Emery and Jasper’s company is making millions a year in mere profits. I very much wanted to disclose their real names and their company’s name here as well but it is against the ethics of my blog.

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