Self-made Millionaire Installed XMEyepc to keep a check of his NY City Mansion

Hudson Richards is a self-made 36 year young multi-millionaire. Hudson is a father of identical twin babies who are only 2 years young now. Hudson’s wife left him for another man because she always felt that Hudson didn’t pay her enough attention. Hudson did his best to save his marriage but he failed to. Hudson is always busy try to make a better fortune for his kids and his wife was always busy trying to create another argument. Hudson has taken of vow to never marry again.

It took Hudson 15 years of constant hard work to buy a mansion at his dream neighborhood Jamaica Estates, Queens.

Hudson has recruited 4 full time nannies to take care of his babies. Hudson takes great care of his babies. He has installed cameras everywhere in his mansion to see what’s going on in there and when he is at his office in Fifth Avenue, North Midtown, he can check what’s going on in his mansion and how the nannies are taking care of his kids through the help of XMEyepc

Just a week ago, Hudson found out that one nanny wasn’t taking good care of his kids and he fired her.

Hudson buys the best food for his babies after consulting with one of the best nutritionists in the New York city. Hudson has installed a mini gym in his own mansion so that he can spend more time with his kids. He is talking to his kids when he is riding that stationary bike or running on the treadmill.

Hudson started working very hard when he was 18 after he started wondering why some people are rich and why some are poor. He discovered that it is all a cause and effect thing in other words what you sow is what you reap.

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