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Sarita is a 31 year old Indian engineer who was born and raised by low-income parents in an Uttar Pradesh village. Sarita was only 22 when she got married to a local small merchant. The marriage was an arranged one and although Sarita wanted to study even further, she had no other choice. She was always a timid homely girl and its a tradition of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Although the government has given the women rights, they still don’t have the guts to ask for those rights, especially in the villages.

So, in 2016, Sarita, like all other citizens of her village, got a free laptop. The laptops were distributed by the respected chief minister of the state and they were given to the engineers only. After receiving the laptop, Sarita didn’t have any idea what to do with it. The laptop was given to her without any windows or any other software installed.

Once a brother of her came to her village who is also an engineer, he installed Windows 7 inĀ  Sarita’s laptop. Sarita liked it but the only reason why she carried the laptop was because she wanted it for her son. If it was for herself, she would have sold it in the market.

Her son wanted only Windows 10. Sarita or anybody in her family didn’t have any money to buy good food, let alone the Windows 10.

And there was this sister of Sarita who was married to an American-Indian. She was getting her Kitchen Remodel by one of the most prominent companies in the Prescott, Arizona.

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