Sydney boy got the best earphones for 25 AUD from the Pample Mousse

Carlo is a chad from the city of Sydney. Carlo was fearless from the day he was born. He would do all the adventurous and new stuff that his friends wouldn’t touch. Like recently, he ordered the best earphones available in the market from The Pample Mousse. All his friends were asking him to buy the same from either Amazon or eBay because they weren’t aware of The Pample Mousse but Carlo like always did what he thought was the best irrespective of the risks involved.

The earphones arrived to him in a timely manner and all his friends are speechless after seeing that the same earphones that were being sold for $44.99 at eBay and Amazon, Carlo got them for only $25 and they came with a warranty.

Carlo is also a very spiritual guy. He has been involved in Hinduism and Buddhism personally though he is a Catholic by birth. Carlo’s ancestors came to the Australia back in eighteenth century.

Carlo’s father is an alcoholic and his mother is a devout Catholic. Carlo hates alcohol. “I never drank a drop of alcohol and I am never going to drink this slow poison ever”, Carlo says.

Although Carlo loves Hinduism and Buddhism, he eats beef. According to him, “Beef is one the most delicious and nutritious food.”

There was a time when Carlo used to spend all his time on White Supremacy forums, blogs and chatrooms. Now, he believes in multi culturism, multi race.

Carlo is also a fan of late spiritual leader Osho and recently after being referred from one of his videos, he read the book of Mirdad and became even a bigger fan of him.

Carlo’s maternal grandfather used to be a local bishop at a Catholic Church. Carlo’s father has gained a lot of weight lately due to his drinking addiction.

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