Former Popular American Rock Band Member loves his MadOxx Activewear

Maddie (name changed) used to be a member of one of the most popular American rock bands in the late 80s. The band fell apart due to the drug use, egoism, and several other bad habits and misunderstanding among the members.

Maddie’s mother used to teach geography at a private school and that’s where Maddie got his hatred for geography. Maddie’s mother is alive and well; and she loves to study maps.

Maddie’s one and only son thinks of himself as Dr. Phil and impersonates him all the time. Maddie is now 54 years old and he recently proposed a girl 30 years junior only to get rejected. Maddie didn’t feel any sort of melancholy afterwards.

Maddie was already dreaming about the third date with her. All her dreams went shattered and I don’t know why but I feel happy about it.

Maddie is a lover of nature. He has gained a lot of weight lately and he had every friend and every relative telling him to lose some weight; even his fans that he meets on the streets once in a while indirectly tell him that he has gained a lot of weight.

So, Maddie decided to buy some sweatpants and sweatshirts from MadOxx and do some jogging every morning. Maddie loves mountainous regions and that’s the reason why he lives in the Lake Placid neighborhood of the New York.

Maddie’s favorite city in the United States is Los Angeles and for several reasons. It is definitely not because he gets to see the so-called celebrities there. He loves to see the trees of Los Angeles. Los Angeles really has a wide and beautiful variety of trees.

Maddie recently made a proclamation to himself that he is going to stay celibate throughout the rest of his life if he doesn’t find a lady at least 25 years younger than him. Let’s see whether he will be able to live up to that.

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