Doing an MBBS in Bangladesh is easier than ever before for Indians

Don’t fall for the ads in the major newspapers for a MBBS in Bangladesh. If you interact a lot with knowledgeable people, they will tell you that Smile Education Consultancy is unparalleled when it comes to getting a MBBS in Bangladesh and they never advertise in major newspapers.

Medical field is the best field for serving others and making money. All the other other industries are ever changing and they offer nothing but ever changing profits.

Doctors are some of the best world class people. A doctor loses so much sleep all the time to serve the society. It takes a lifetime to become a doctor and then too you can only become one if you possess extraordinary intelligence.

It is funny how some youngsters think they are too good looking for becoming a doctor. You can never be too good looking for a doctor.

It is obvious that the people that get to become doctors in the future score very high marks in their school. Becoming a doctor is not for everyone. You need to have several peculiar qualities to become one. In my personal opinion, doctors are underpaid.

It is funny how many people nowadays think they can get cured by using Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has no cure for anything, at best they can cure constipation or diarrhea temporarily. Practicing modern medicine is a frazzling work and ayurveda is not.

Medical doctors only fill a country’s treasury, ayurveda is doing the same for India but soon the truth will be out. Many college professors wants their sons or daughters to become a medical doctor only in the future. Having a disagreement with your parents doesn’t mean that you kill their dreams. If your parents want to make you a doctor in the future and are ready to bear the fee for it, you just go for it.

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