Vietnam War Veteran and Ex-Businessman is living the ideal retirement life

Fred is a 71 year old retired Vietnam war veteran and ex-businessman. Fred doesn’t have any progeny. He is all alone and he doesn’t regret it at all because he got to live his life his own way. Fred was always a loner. He never even had a girlfriend.

Fred’s father used to be a pilot for American Overseas Airlines.

For the past 20 years, the biggest hobby of Fred has been watching television. He misses his most favorite TV show ever Criss Angel Believe a lot. His current favorite is Ellen Degeneres Show.

Just about 12 years ago, all of Fred’s businesses were shut and he was on the verge of being a bankrupt. He didn’t know what to do. He even had to sold his house in the New York city and move to a much smaller city – Prescott. Luckily enough, Fred saw somebody mentioning about Prescott Financial Planner on an Arizona internet forum where Fred logged in to check more details about the city of Prescott and Arizona lifestyle.

As Fred had no hope with his own businesses and he had lost confidence in himself completely after realizing that all the knowledge about making money that he had has already become completely obsolete. Fred thought of giving it a go and purchased some stocks on their advice. The decision exceeded his expectations, and within a couple of months, the investment was doubled. Since then, Fred has been enjoying retirement with the help of Prescott Financial Planners and enjoying his life to the fullest.

He watches Youtube videos, plays video games, follows politics, participate in online forums, and watch reality shows all day. He sleeps without any worries or tensions. He has also been spending time lately researching on herbs that promise longevity.

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