Financially successful young Long Beach CA Gentleman cannot stand soap scums

Joseph Lloyd (name changed) is a young California boy. Joseph was born in San Jose, was raised up in Los Angeles and moved to Long Beach after completing his college. Joseph has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Sweden. Joseph finds nothing beautiful and better than his current city Long Beach, California.

Joseph’s mother used to be a popular surrealist artist and she was really great at what she did. She used to drive a Gray Mercedes W123 to work and Joseph always loved his mother more than his father. Joseph’s father ran his small department store and he drove a white Chevrolet Chevette. Joseph’s father was incapable and he had a huge ego. He was always jealous of Joseph’s mother and would find one way or another to have an argument with her.

Joseph hates the summer season and in the Long Beach, it is very hot and dry in the summers. Still, even in the summers, Joseph loves the Long Beach more than any other city in the world.

Joseph is 26 and he has never been in a relationship. He firmly believes that the friendliness between boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives are superficial and a pain in the long term. Joseph runs several successful online businesses and drives a Ferrari 458 Italia. Joseph cannot stand two things and they are (i) Selfishness of people, (ii) Soap Scums. Joseph has successfully found out the solution for the soap scums and he has been using this best soap scum remover for a couple of years to get rid of those but he is yet to come for a solution for the selfishness of the people.

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