87 year old about to visit Jogja this November

Adrian and Jordan are father and son from the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Adrian is 87 years old and Jordan is 41. Both father and son never married, lol. Adrian took a vow of celibacy when he was 25 and he adopted Jordan when Jordan was 2.

Adrian used to be a chain smoker in his youth, then he started smoking the parliament cigarette thinking that he is beating he is successfully beating his addiction because the advertisement on the Mike Wallace’s 60 minutes show used to tell the audience that the parliament cigarette is almost free from Nicotine. Adrian’s inner self knew that this cannot be true but his addicted self wouldn’t listen.

After Adrian adopted Jordan, Adrian’s addiction to smoking and nicotine disappeared without any effort itself. Adrian raised Jordan very well and both father and son enjoy one vacation each year. This year they booked a paket wisata jogja. Last year, they together enjoyed a trip to Bangkok.

Both Adrian and Jordan hate that they live in a shallow society. Adrian’s dream to be on 60 minutes with Mike Wallace before death remained a dream. That’s one of the things that Adrian wishes he could achieve. Adrian had the misfortune of meeting Muammar Al Gathafi in the year 1998. Adrian says that the man was very arrogant and weird but he really had something about himself different from the others in a very positive way that was very attractive. He puts Muammar Al Gathafi in one sentence as “A weird, arrogant and a magnetic personality.”

Until the age of 35, Jordan used to shy away from the women and even showed no interest in them. Since he turned 40, he is thinking of marrying and having babies. Some of his best friends’ wives were liars, deceivers and cheaters. Whenever Jordan has a thought of that, he gets discouraged immediately about marriage.

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