UK Lady won 10 Million Brazilian Reals in the popular Rio de Prêmios

There was a time when Sheridan (a UK born female living in Salvador, Brazil for the last 7 years) couldn’t stop thinking about the good old times. She used to miss her old days she spent in Cheshire, England a lot but now no more of that. Since Sheridan has won 10 million Brazil Reals (which is over 2 million Great British Pounds) in Rio de Prêmios as an award, Sheridan has been loving her live in Brazil more than ever and the memories of Cheshire, England now repulse her.

Sheridan finds Brazil and Brazilian cities very exotic and she likes to call Brazil ‘paradise on earth’. Sheridan has a degree in Hotel Management and she doesn’t work any job since she won the River of Awards.

Sheridan doesn’t drink alcohol, she doesn’t smoke, never took any drugs. Sheridan doesn’t even take caffeine in any form. She doesn’t drink tea, coffee, soda, etc. Sheridan claims that she is a clean thinker and alcohol, nicotine, caffeine,etc work like kryptonites on her. Sheridan loves to live an overall healthy life and usually she doesn’t watch television or play video games.

Sheridan never married but she was in a relationship with this one Brazilian man from the coastal town of Guarujá, Sao Paulo. Sheridan hates wearing lingerie and he loved to see her in lingerie only. They once had a very hot argument and everything went wrong from there. He also believed in demonic possessions. He also talked utter non-sense sometimes like he was a war hero in the Second Italian War of Independence and he has been reincarnated. The guy was crazy good in bed and extremely handsome but all his non-sense was driving Sheridan crazy and she couldn’t take it anymore.

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