Turkish doctors offer the most value for money when it comes to hair transplant

Sonja Rohn (name changed) is a 48 year old American lady who was born in the very small town called Dickson in Tennessee but Sonja’s family moved to Nashville, Tennessee for better opportunity when Sonja was 6.

Sonja’s dad always had a cosa nostra mentality. You know what cosa nostra is? Cosa nostra means ‘our thing’ in Italian. Sonja’s dad used to work laboring jobs and he has always had an attitude that he is entitled to everything in the world.

When Sonja was 20, she moved out and started living in Chicago, California. She used to work at a McDonalds there and she met the man of her dreams (we will call him Dennis here) there who was a co-worker and a level senior to her.

Sonja and Dennis married after dating for 2 years. Sonja was 23 and Dennis was 27 when they married. The couple has been together ever since and they have 3 kids together – 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Sonja and Dennis never cheated on each other and both have always had a very pleasurable and romantic personal life. When Sonja was 40, she started losing hair and she was worried that Dennis doesn’t start cheating on her because she was losing her attractiveness as she was getting older. Dennis on the other hand never cared about it, Sonja had always been the most beautiful woman in his life.

After 2 years of applying several different Indian ayurvedic oils and finding no results, Sonja decided to get a hair transplant. She looked for the hair transplant costs in all over the world and found out that hair transplant costs in Turkey (Haartransplantationskosten in der Türkeiwere the most justified and reasonable. Sonja booked an appointment with the most popular transplant specialist in Turkey aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and decided to take along with him Dennis so that they can enjoy a little vacation in Turkey together as well.

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