Inherited Hundreds of Millions Lira but still procrastinated the hair transplant for 4 years

Mert Bolat (name changed) is a Turkish gentleman from the city of Istanbul. Mert is a serial procrastinator and he loves to do everything right that is not needed to be done at all. He always procrastinates on the most important tasks and him getting hair transplant done too late is one of the greatest examples. Mert inherited hundreds of millions inheritance from his father, so hair loss treatment cost was not an issue for him at all.

Mert is 51 now and he had lost most of his hair back when he was 47. Everyone including his wife, kids, friends and relatives were telling him to get a hair transplant but he wouldn’t listen. He got the transplant done back in the month of July of this year by the greatest Turkish hair transplant specialist Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

Mert has been doing crazy things all his life. When he was 43, he became disciple of the popular and very dissent guru of India – Nithyananda. Mert claims that Nithyananda clarified all his misconceptions and taught him that prudence is the first of moral virtues.

Mert has been worshiping the Hindu god Shiva since his meeting with Nithyananda. Mert is the son of a popular industrialist and actor who was a household name throughout his life. Mert’s father always taught him to function at the next level and Mert did the same to his own children. Mert always taught his kids to function at the very next level as they were growing.

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