Single Mother going to Jogja on a vacation with her 8 year old son


Caitlin Banai (name changed) is a single American mother who was born in the city of Chicago but moved to Miami in her late teens and has been living there since then. After the father of Caitlin’s child left her, she feels abandoned and lonely even though she claims that her child is everything to her.

Caitlin’s mother used to be a teacher in a popular Chicago school until the day she realized how boring a teacher she was. She left the job of teaching that day and started her own boutique which didn’t do well at all.

Caitlin never knew that the father of her child was on a police blotter until she read a news about him. That was the day when things started messing up in their relationship and he finally left her to become a single mother and handle all the difficulties and baggage by herself. Caitlin still doesn’t know whether he is in prison or anywhere else at the moment.

Caitlin’s son is 8 years young now and the mother and son duo are heading for a vacation to Jogja, Java, Indonesia in December this year. They have already booked the Jogja car rental (rental mobil Jogja) too.

Caitlin recently met a young man from Chicago whom she is interested in having a relationship with but the scars that her previous relationship has left on her psyche makes it difficult for her to have another relationship.

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