Wife bought great looking bow ties for husband that he fell in love with immediately

Aase Pearce (name changed) is an Australian lady from Queensland. Aase has an unbelievably great memory. As you may be aware of the fact that memory requires emotional energy, so you may wonder how much of an emotional being Aase is.

Aase believes everything happens for a reason and she also believes that her marriage which has survived so beautifully with her one and only boyfriend and husband ever Aaron (name changed) also happened for some divine reason.

Aaron is a very ambitious gentleman who was born and raised in Sydney, the largest city of Australia. Aaron believes in getting better financial results faster and he always pumps himself up with the popular motivational speaker Brian Tracy’s popular “I like myself”.

Along with being ambitious, Aaron is very kind, passionate and affectionate human being and those are the traits that Aase loves most in Aaron.

Recently, Aaron wanted to buy 3 bow ties but kept on procrastinating because of lack of time and he hates shopping. It had been 3 weeks and he didn’t even check any bow ties at all offline or online. Again, Aase came into picture and bought those for Aaron herself. Aaron loved the bow ties and he is glad that he didn’t bought them himself because he thinks that he couldn’t buy such beautiful and great quality bow ties at the price that Aase did. They have a lovely relationship where they care so much about each other.

In the month of August, the couple enjoyed a trip to India thoroughly. They went to Thar Desert, Western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Aase’s one and only sister had a very abusive and alcoholic husband who would abuse her verbally, physically and emotionally. She is a divorcee now and she has always been envious of Aase.

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