Health and Wealth are more important than the relationships – Dia de Sorte Winner, Safere Leib

Safere Leib (name changed) believes in total financial self-reliance. Safere is a businessperson by profession. Safere didn’t feel worthy of anything before starting his business journey. Safere would always plan how to make big money while he was still in school.

Safere is so confident now after managing his businesses for several years and finding a secret money machine that he believes he can manage the most dangerous of business risks. Would you like to know what that big secret is? It is called lucky day aka dia de sorte in Safere’s native language.

Safere’s personal belief is that health and wealth are more important than the relationships. Almost all the relationships that Safere was involved in, gave him nothing but a great deal of agony.

Safere still suspects that his father took his mother to a doctor who voluntarily prescribed her the wrong prescription which ultimately contributed to her death. Safere didn’t even have a good relationship with his mother, but he still loves her somewhere deep in his heart. His mother raised him with the belief that the love of money is the root of all evil. Once Safere’s mother beat him like crazy because he withdrew small amounts from her debit card without her permission because he needed the money for something very significant and he needed that money instantly.

Safere’s cousins assaulted him many times taking advantage of Safere’s reliability and honesty. His cousins were always jealous of him.

Once Safere was out to buy some milk from a local grocery store and it took him a while to come back because he met a school friend there and they kept gossiping for at least 20 minutes. Safere’s father beat him with a leather belt because he thought Safere was chasing girls and his meeting with his school friend was a lie.

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