Dr T’s hair transplant blog is the finest of them all

Jackie Banbury (name changed) loves to listen to the 80s music to elevate his mood when he is not having a good one. Jackie works part-time as a  virtual personal assistant to fulfill his extravagant need for the human touch and he is extremely confidential when it comes to the information about his clients.

Jackie owns a couple of other businesses as well for which he frequently goes away for work interstate. Jackie is a professional pro who is always willing to go the extra mile for success and innovation.

Jackie loves everything Czech. He once went to the Czech Republic and fell in love with the country. He buys nothing but Skodas, his wife is also a Czech.

Jackie’s wife recently got lip augmentation done to enjoy kissing sessions more. She already possesses lovely hazel eyes but wants long blonde thick hair. She has been reading Dr T’s hair transplant blog for a while to get to know better about the hair transplant, its side effects, benefits and more.

Jackie’s wife went to a local doctor for hair growth who prescribed her some medications which didn’t work at all. She has stopped taking those prescription medicines for now and claims that won’t take any ever again either.

Jackie is a businessman and he is always looking for a business that is more profitable in the long run. A business that is short-lived can have a profit margin of 1000% but that wouldn’t interest Jackie at all. In the month of September this year, Jackie started a Bhangra theme restaurant that offers quiet a superb service and unparalleled personal attention. It goes without saying that the restaurant offers a spectacular elegance.

Jackie is doing a research and writing a book on Palaiologoi Dynasty that ruled the Byzantine empire for over 150 years.

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