Blogger turned millionaire now only travel luxury class

Phil Rachid is a Brazilian gentleman from the stunning, historic, coastal and colonial town of Olinda. Phil recently inaugurated his own medium size resort near the Farol Beach with the money he made operating his blog wordpress. Initially, Phil used to make peanuts operating his blogs.

Phil’s resort only accepts online bookings and the most unique thing about Phil’s resort is that they provide guaranteed money back if you didn’t enjoy your experience there.

There is no doubt that Phil is an amazingly skillful, charming person with an unforgettable smile. Phil had to face the hardest of times in his life but he never tried scrounging for anything.

Phil is a very close friend of Tanya Ramirez, the former teacher who was accused of initiating relationship with his teenage student and is also one of the most popular persons to have featured on Dr Phil McGraw’s show.

Before becoming a blogger, Phil Rachid used to drive the cheapest Toyota sold in Brazil, today he owns a fleet of European cars.

Three months ago, Phil Rachid had to catch a plane back to Brazil from Malta but he didn’t find any luxury flight ticket available on the day and time he wanted to come back so he postponed it. Phil is living a billionaire life with his millions.

Phil wants to start his own paper mill but owing to the variable costs of pulpwood, he thinks it is better to stick with improving his current resort and increasing the number of resorts in the near future.

After not feeling well for a couple of days, Phil Rachid went to his regular general practitioner yesterday, the doctor was confused whether Phil Rachid is suffering from influenza or dengue. He asked Phil to get a blood test done on him and then come back. This is called ‘differential diagnosis’ for those who don’t know already.

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