Punjabi Indian man really need this one surgery

Ruchika Atri (name changed) tends to do things on compulsion. Ruchika is a lot different from a typical Indian wife. She is naturally flirtatious , charming with a relaxed demeanor. She genuinely likes pleasing her husband. With big full lips, pretty face and a body to die for, Ruchika drives every man crazy she stares at. Those men who value their vital fluid a lot and love saving it, end up wanking or making out with their girlfriend/wife or having a wet dream if they ever see Ruchika in a short dress from close enough.

Ruchika is a very spunky and energetic woman. Ruchika had several European and Latin boyfriends in the past but when it came to marrying one, she married an Indian Punjabi man. Ruchika had no idea until their suhagraat (first night) that her man has a tiny one. The guy really needed a penile implant surgery.

Ruchika first used to hesitate to tell him about his size and acted like she enjoyed it too much. Whenever her husband was away on a business trip, she used to call her ex-boyfriend to satiate her desires. This ex-boyfriend of Ruchika used to have steaming hot sessions with Ruchika and once they were on it, their chemistry was unmatchable. After satiating each other, they would act like they don’t know each other and mend their ways. Ruchika felt guilty about it later on but she couldn’t help herself. She has her needs. Being a woman is really tough.

Ruchika is a brainy lady and a little unpredictable as well. Recently, she had a strong argument with her husband and in the heat of anger, she told him that he has a small organ and still Ruchika never complained to him about it although it is killing her inside.

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