She donates those Mercedes S Class cars, she has got that bitcoin money baby

Hazel Tracy (name changed) recently started a vegan restaurant that is aimed at serving nuns and monks. Hazel’s grandfather was a popular catholic advocate who had his own television program.

Throughout her business career, Hazel made countless mistakes, she kept felling at her face but never gave up. The secret to Hazel’s success is that she creates long-term goals and breaks those down into small chunks of short-term goals and work on them sincerely day and night like there’s no tomorrow.

Hazel has made tons of money flipping bitcoins and she applied the same formula to make it with bitcoins, not to mention that Qiwi to Bitcoin technique (киви на биткоин) also played a great part in her success with bitcoin business.

Hazel is a real nationalist, whenever she goes out for shopping, she always gives priority to the products made in her own country. She buys cars made in her own country too.

Hazel is fearless like a big wild cat, you can compare her to a lioness or a tigress, whatever you prefer.

Hazel likes to challenge herself by mocking rich people on their back about their money saying stuff like “She is not that rich, she just owns a Mercedes S Class which is no big deal, I donate those S Class Mercedes cars” and it gives her the challenge to push it harder for herself.

Hazel says that the most impossible looking of the goals are possible to achieve if you have the will to do it.

Hazel loves contemporary paintings and novels. Her most favorite contemporary artist is Gerhard Richter and her most favorite novelist is John Fowles.

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