Only 1 out of 1000 Pakistanis knows what a natural gas tankless water heater is

Have you ever been to Pakistan? If you have ever been there and didn’t live there for a significant time you may not be aware of their financial and economic culture but if you did live there for a significant period of time there is no way that you don’t know what Pakistani richies look like.

Imagine you come out of a black Toyota Land Cruiser in Pakistan, the people around are going to think of you as a bureaucrat, politician, army general orĀ  someone with a dual citizenship; they are not going to perceive you as some business person or a CEO. The highest paid CEO ever in Pakistan used to get a salary of 100, 000 USD which is what the CEOs of mid-size companies in America get per month.

Almost everyone whom I know in Pakistan is trying to get a US or Europe visa, they will even settle for an African visa, especially a South African visa but they want an out from that gutter called Pakistan at any cost. 99.9% of the people there don’t even know what a natural gas tankless water heater is.

I remember a local Pakistani man from Rawalpindi, Punjab whose cousin (his mother’s sister’s son) came back from the Slough, United Kingdom to Rawalpindi, Pakistan for a whole week. This American national was then married with 2 kids and as you may be aware of the fact that most Pakistanis are inbred, even though they knew that this man is already 42, married with 2 kids, they were all showcasing their daughters to him for marriage. He went completely nuts there within a week. His male cousins were massaging his legs all the time and by making pretences, they were calling their sisters in, trying to make this American national fall in love with any of those.

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