Dude with porcelain veneers got gum bleeding issues as well by trying random supplements as a cure

I used to be very active on several different discord servers until about 2 months ago. No matter which server I joined this one guy used to be a member already of that particular server, we will call him Escobar here. So, this Escobar guy used to think of himself as a Mr. Know-all. He would give other information that could be hazardous for their health just because he read that somewhere on the internet. Some people are so stupid that they believe anything and everything that is written on the internet like Escobar and some are even stupider that they believe guys like Escobar with no credentials or a degree, just because they are too confident about their advice and prescriptions, some people believe that they must be right.

There is this one guy who asked in a health forum “My porcelain veneers do not seem to go away no matter how hard I try, what do I do?” Escobar appeared with his advice immediately, he told the victim to take a supplement which will for sure get rid of his issue within 2 months. The victim started taking that particular supplement and he did it for complete 2 months only to find out that along with porcelain veneers he now has gum bleeding disorder as well.

The patient lived in Prescott, Arizona which is home to some of the top dentists in the United States. Instead of going to a dentist Prescott Valley AZ, he took advice from a random guy who wastes all his time on the internet giving people dangerous advice.

The patient now had no other option than to visit a real dentist who could take care of him, he immediately went to PV Dentistry. It has been 3 months since he showed up at PV dentistry and his dental health was perfectly okay the last time I chat with him online which was roughly about 10 days ago.

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