Millionaire mother’s clumsy teen son creates an origami a day to improve mental health

Vivian Adell (name changed) is a mother of a very innocent teenager whom we will call Peter here. Peter is so innocent that he doesn’t know yet what makes babies. He still thinks that it happens with mere will. Peter is also not good at school or sports and is very clumsy. To improve his hand-eye coordination, motor skills and mental concentration, his mother Vivian gives her a daily task of completing an easy origami.

Like most Scandinavians, Vivian owns a Volvo but she doesn’t own only one of those. She owns each and every different model of it, she has a XC90, a XC40, XC60, V90 Station Wagon, S60 Polestar, S60 Cross Country, S90, you name it. Vivian has a passion for cars and with her income, she can afford almost every reasonable car that is available for sale on the face of earth. Vivian is one of the top vendors for kitchen products in the world and you don’t know how profitable this industry is unless you have seen the lifestyle of Vivian and her likes.

According to Vivian, “True happiness comes from trying to achieve perfection”. In her pursuit of achieving perfection, Vivian jogs miles a day, swims, meditates, works very hard, listen to motivational speeches and does a lot of other good stuff. She is very frequent to personality development programs.

Vivian detests people who moan and groan all the time including one of her ex-husbands and Peter’s father who pretended to be an extremely cool, calm and elegant multi-millionaire until his marriage to Vivian.

Vivian has scheduled her time separately and almost perfectly for her personal, family, spiritual and professional life.

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