Paranoid feminist genius loves to fold Christmas Origami

Avery Goldplant (name changed) is a hardcore feminist who recently created a feminist subreddit where all the posters are required to send a selfie of theirs unedited, with them holding a piece of paper up that reads their username to her before they are allowed to post. Once she even banned a member accidentally because she thought the user was wearing makeup and a wig.

Avery’s plan before was to tag the users with their pictures verified as ‘verified’ but then she changed her plan. It has been a couple of weeks since she launched that subreddit and her subreddit only has about 5 members yet which is quite low for a feminist subreddit. Feminist subreddits hop like crazy right after their launch.

Avery is a weird person in several ways herself.

Avery’s most favorite hobby is debating with anti-feminists and she can do it endlessly.

Avery participates in each and every poll that she can find online related to feminism, misogyny, anti-feminism. One of Avery’s favorite hobbies is to enter in disguise to MGTOW and related slack chat chatrooms, discord servers, subreddits, forums. Many times she would like a heartbroken lover or a boyfriend or a husband who feels like his marriage was the biggest mistake.

Avery feels for the people who get mistaken for pedophiles. One of the things that she does in the spare time is activism for the people mistaken for being pedophiles.

Avery is a great believer of the term ‘use it or lose it’. On the weekends, she folds origami for a couple of hours to recharge her brain and improve her hand-brain co-ordination. Since October, she has been folding lots of Christmas Origami. She does it really wonderfully.

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