Nick Gianzanti is relishing his e-commerce journey

Nick Gianzanti (name changed) doesn’t rely on anything that she reads on Quora but she relies upon some regular posters on Reddit. Nick works at a multinational corporation that has headquarters in 43 different countries including countries of Middle-East, South-East Asia, East Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Nick is not Chinese but he believes that Chinese and Mongoloids are the most superior races on earth, that’s why he reads a lot Chinese, Mongol, Assamese and Huns history.

Nick had a tough childhood growing up, each and every relative and neighbor of Nick was hostile towards women and children. Most of his uncles were domestic abusers, alcoholics, petty thieves. Nick’s mother never wanted her son to be like any of his uncles and that’s why she did her best to keep her away from them all.

Nick relishes each and every moment of his life, whatever he does, he fully enjoys himself doing it. Nick recently started trying his luck in an ecommerce business, he is making profits but not as much as he expected but he is still relishing his ecommerce journey.

All of Nick’s siblings have been quite successful due to her mother’s extraordinary efforts to raise her children well, one of Nick’s sister owns several companies, from a company that resells cosmetic products to one that sells toddler wear.

One of Nick’s sisters owns the second largest chain of salons in the state of Tocantins.

One brother of Nick owns over 200 websites, all hosted on WordPress platform. This brother is mainly responsible for Nick’s interest in the e-commerce. He is rich, he makes ton loads of money. He owns several luxury cars including Range Rovers, Mercedes,  Jaguars and BMWs.

One sister of Nick works for a major Brazilian airline and she is also a fashion model and a popular one, she has a lot of social media following, especially on Instagram.

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