Million dollar drop-shipping business creator loves to wholesale origami paper

Happy Brown (name changed) believes that an average cop is much more brutal than most people think. Happy’s encounters with the cops haven’t ever been happy ones, he lives in a neighborhood full of drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes.

Happy has some strange beliefs like he says that girl and boy child smell very different from the moment they are born and he can recognize the gender of a child by its smell. Happy has been called a pedophile for this strange of belief of his by cousins and friends several times but Happy couldn’t care less, he says that he is pious in his intentions and it is a talent and a skill that he has been gifted by the gods.

Happy has finally found the purpose of his life with a million dollar drop-shipping business. He buys from many different websites including Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and flips the same on several different websites including his personal ones.

The only thing that Happy wholesales personally is origami paper and he has been doing the same a lot earlier than he dropshipped for the very first time.

Happy spends a lot more time working on himself and his dreams than he does on his drop-shipping and other businesses.

Happy reads every health related article that he comes across on the internet, magazines and newspapers.

Happy has another crazy belief that feminists complain so much because they have nothing better to do. He says that feminism was real until the 1960s but after that it became an ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ for most feminists.

Happy claims that the same feminist women who claim that they can stay celibate throughout their lives and they don’t need a man to be happy are the freakiest and nastiest in bed.

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