She calls modern people nothing but consumers, claims folding Christmas Origami with family kids is her most favorite thing

Angie Thomas (name changed) says that modern common people are nothing more than mere consumers, they would just go after what is most pricey instead of what is the most valuable. She says that she enjoys folding Christmas Origami with her kids, nephews, nieces and the kids of her friends more than anything else. It doesn’t cost much at all and it is more enjoyable than anything else that she has ever done and she has done a lot of things indeed including what the society would call immoral, adventurous and expensive.

Angie has done a lot of research on almost all major cultures and religions of the world and she is surprised to know that very few people in India know that the Jatt people of India are foreigners to the land. They came to India somewhere around 350 AD and before coming to India and merging into the Hindu culture and religion, they merely used to worship their own ancestors and nothing else. The Hindus worship their ancestors as well but their ancestral worship rituals are nowhere as intense or time-consuming as those of the Jatts. Jatts call it Jathera and Brahmanical Hindus have no word for the same.

Angie used to be extremely passive and lazy in her childhood, teenage years and early 20s, although she doesn’t claim to be free from her passiveness and laziness now, she says that her condition is a lot better now.

Angie claims that one of the most important things that she has discovered throughout her reading and studying of history is that Persian and Mesopotamian people are the cruelest.

Angie runs a blog which is popular for the predictions that Angie makes from time to time, she recently predicted that Baluchistan will be free and an independent country like it has been for the vast majority of the known history by 2022.

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