Seducing and dating gorgeous young women is not that hard as most men think

Afonso Diaz (name changed) is a professional car reviewer, he is very popular on the Youtube, social media, as I am not going to tell his username here or tell his real name, I can give you a hint about him, he was the first guy to compare Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX and Land Rover’s Range Rover in the year 2018. Could you guess it right?

Anyways, even though this guy is so popular and good-looking, he had hard time seducing women, he tried every way possible to seduce a woman but nothing worked out until he stumbled upon a blog (blog como conquistar uma mulher?)

Today, let me tell you, Casanova himself will feel like a loser when told the tales of Afonso. Afonso has over 10 girlfriends now and he is living the life he never knew he had.

Afonso is always extremely happy and proud of himself since he started dating these gorgeous girls with the help of that blog. Afonso’s videos used to receive tons of positive reviews complimenting him but that never gave him the happiness that his girlfriends do.

Afonso is getting better every day in seduction skills and none of his girlfriends know that he is dating anyone else as well. Afonso’s promiscuous dating never got in the way of his career. Afonso’s career has only got better because of his feeling of increased self-worth and self-esteem.

Afonso is now taking Italian and Spanish language lessons as well. After he is done with Italian and Spanish, he will start learning French as well. Afonso is also planning to shift to an aspiring female models dominated area in order to date even more chicks. It is amazing how Afonso balances his career and his women in such a great manner. Afonso should become a time management teacher, he will give Brian Tracy a run for his money.

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