A chip on his shoulder is responsible behind his technological genius

Steven Garcia (name changed) claims that angels are gender-less and incorporeal beings. Steven has nothing to back his claim up but he told me this when a reverend father in Cleveland, Ohio was giving a speech claiming that angels are incorporeal but they are all males. That’s not all that Steven Garcia told me about the Bible, Christianity, God and other supernatural things, Steven claims that the bible that we read is not what the 12 apostles wrote, he says that some enemies of the Christianity have changed the bible successfully and for the past 212 years, we have been reading fake bible.

Steven says that the Izmir city in Turkey was created by some of the most significant angels themselves. Steven also claims that the birds were first created incorporeal by the god but then he made them corporeal.

Steven Garcia wishes all the time that if he were an angel. He is a great believer of the quote “Your mental attitude defines your altitude in life.” That’s why Steven always has a chip on his shoulder that he is an angel and he says that this belief brings to him a mental clarity like nothing else will and this personal belief of his is responsible for him creating several ‘android application creation services’ (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android).

Steven criticizes pagan religions like Hinduism all the time and their occult practices like black magic, mantras and materialism.

Steven always follows a busy schedule, he always listens carefully to what his elders have to tell him.

Steven Garcia claims that he is always in that no-mind state and he feels like a Zen master.

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