Scottish man loves arguing with the feminists and traveling to Bangkok and Damnoen Saduak

Addison Jensen (name changed) says that absolute monarchy was the greatest cancer for the human progress. Addison’s great-great grandmother was a chatelaine for one of the royal palaces of the Scotland’s royal family and Addison says that’s one of the reasons why his knowledge about the monarchies can be trusted so much.

Addison says that historically it was believed that the busty women had a lower IQ than the ones who weren’t. He says the English term ‘booby’ which means a stupid person comes from there only. According to Addison’s personal observations, bustier women are smarter than the ones who are not and that’s one of the reasons why Addison doesn’t trust opinions and beliefs of the others, no matter how popular those beliefs and opinions are.

Addison has a very innocent sister who believes that bonny women are conniving and liars. This sister of Addison owns a chicken poultry farm.

Addison loves to travel and he recently enjoyed a trip of Thailand, he loved each and every experience and he cannot appreciate enough the Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak taxi service that he hired.

Addison mostly travels to villages and not-so-developed urban areas because he thinks that all major cities smell like trash except Monaco and Luxembourg.

Addison loves to get into arguments, especially with the modern feminists. He says that almost each and every feminist that he meets makes erratic statements all the time and contradicts herself.

Addison says that feminists always keep complaining that the world is unjust and unfair, Addison on the contrary says that the world is very fair and just, the human beings are un-thankful for what they have most of the times, especially the feminists. Whenever Addison tells the feminists how the world works and there is nothing unjust here, they tell him that it is a joke.

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