One of the richest women of Flamingo Road, Miami is getting married next month

Olivia Jones (name changed) is one of the largest importer and exporter of exotic pens with offices all over the state of Florida. Olivia herself was born in Orlando but moved to Miami when she was 19.

Olivia can afford any car that is available in the United States, but she has this obsessive compulsive thing about the Skoda and everything that is Czech, she owns 10 Skodas including Yeti, Octavia and Superb. The biggest proof of Olivia’s love for everything Czech is her fiance to whom she is getting married next month, they have already booked the wedding venue and everyone in their families is so excited about the event.

Olivia is a different kind of a person (in all the positive ways). She came to Miami because she got a job as a bartender here but she paved her way up to become one of the richest women on the Flamingo Road, Miami. The best characteristic of Olivia is that she always accepts her defeat unlike most other business people.

Olivia firmly believes that health and peace of mind are the greatest riches of life and so is the belief of her fiance. They both have so much things common in them and that’s why they love each other so much.

Olivia drinks only patron vodka with orange juice. She doesn’t drink beer, whiskey or anything, just patron vodka with orange juice.

Olivia’s father used to be an ice cream man and that’s why Olivia has such a soft side for the ice cream men, she makes regular donations for the welfare of the ice cream men around the United States.

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