Pongpol – A Thai gentleman prefers to shop with his yenta wife than attend a business meeting


Pongpol Chatree (name changed) is a Thai gentleman from the city of Chiang Rai who says meetings kill more time anything else when it comes to the business. Pongpol says that he values the shopping sprees a lot more than the business meetings, recently he went with his wife to several shopping plazas and shopping malls to buy a canvas bag (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส), yes, you heard me, she just wanted to buy a canvas bag and she traveled all the shopping plazas and shopping malls of the Chiang Rai city just for that and ended up buying nothing, then she came back home and bought one online. Pongpol says that his wife’s shopping tour didn’t annoy him as much as the business meetings do.

Anyways, Pongpol lived in London for a while when he used to work for a popular Thai tech company and he was given a villa on Downing Street. Pongpol says that London as a city is one of the most boring and tired things on the planet earth and Downing Street is just icing on the cake, he says that nothing could be more boring than living at the Downing Street. He thanked god when the company asked him to come back to Chiang Rai.

Pongpol has a son named Thaksin. Thaksin is a teenager who approaches girls his age without planning anything prior only to get rejected by them. Thaksin has started showing interest in the religion of Islam recently which very much annoys Pongpol. Pongpol is an apatheist who considers religions to be a waste of time and life and he wants his son to be the same. Thaksin has even started reciting Namaz (Muslim Prayer) twice a day. Thaksin says that he will start reciting it 5 times a day if Allah comes in his dreams and tell him to do so.

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