Adventurous French-English Journalist only buys stocks using Zero Spread Brokers

Esmae Everly (name changed) is a French-English professional journalist who was tortured in Afghanistan by a troop of Taliban, the chief of the troop raped her for weeks continuously for weeks and to Esmae’s good luck, she wasn’t killed, she was thrown in the middle of a desert, from where she did show the courage to make her way to the NATO who then helped her to go back to her home in Paris.

Esmae was born to a high school counselor back in 1981. Esmae has always been a daydreamer, she would daydream all the time in her class and after coming back home, more than half of her time used to be spent daydreaming only. Esmae has a younger sister – Anissa, who believes that the purpose of a human being’s life is to get as high as possible as many times as possible. Unlike Anissa, Esmae grew up to be a nice, decent and sober person, as Esmae entered her late teens, she realized the purpose of a human being’s life is to be as materially prosperous as possible and become more intelligent and wise with age. Esmae really walked the talk and proved to everyone that a daydreamer like her can really make some of her dreams come true.

Esmae buys stocks as a hobby and as a fun way to save some money for the future of her children. Esmae uses nothing but Zero Spread Brokers when it comes to buying stocks and believe me, she knows some of the best Zero Spread Brokers.

Esmae is a wonderful business strategist who always comes up with new, innovative, effective and applicable ideas. I think that Esmae should do some fund-raising to put most of her plans into action and she can be one of the richest women in Paris.

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