Electronic Store chain owner relies on Texnologia for the latest updates

Ashley Botsis (name changed) says there is something nostalgic about the place called Mecca. Ashley is a Greek Catholic who was born in the beautiful coastal city called Chania and has been living there ever since her birth. Ashley believes only in the Christian religion herself but she says that there is something magnificent about particular Israeli, Maltese, Arabian places that she cannot describe in words.

Ashley loves her own city the most as she has a thing for the coastal cities but if she is given an option to choose between a desert and a coastal city to live in, I believe that she will choose a desert as her obsession about the desert cities of Arabia is real for sure to an extent that it can even be called madness.

Ashley is a businesswoman who inherited a small chain of electronic stores from her late father last year. Ashley keeps herself updated with the latest tech news through several websites, blogs and forums, the website that she trusts the most is texnologiaShe cannot imagine running her electronic store chain without the help of texnologia. Ashley’s stores sell everything from the refrigerators, televisions, laptops to storage batteries. Ashley is even planning to start her own storage batteries manufacturing unit, she just lacks fund for the same but she is certain that she will manage to get the funds anyhow if she gets success in making a fool-proof plan.

Ashley’s greatest role-model is late President of Iraq – Saddam Hussein. Ashley finds the story of Saddam Hussein the most fascinating one.

Ashley says that a bulldog’s determination, a Lion’s courage and Fox’s cunning are three qualities that a modern human being must possess in order to be a success in today’s world.

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