Enjoying New Year Eve at Koh Chang Thailand is a great idea

Celine Droste (name changed) claims that she stopped drinking coffee only after a couple of weeks of she started meditating. Celine is a mother of 3 beautiful kids, all girls. Celine is a perfect mother as all her kids are little and she has a habit of answering each and every question that her little beautiful kids ask to her, no matter how complicated their questions are or how tired or frustrated Celine is, she always answers her kids’ questions.

Celine recently traveled to the stunning island in Thailand called Koh Chang with her family and all throughout the way to Koh Chang and in the resort that they stayed in, Celine’s kids kept asking her questions and didn’t even let her enjoy for a while. The kids insisted with their full force that they will only sleep with her mother and didn’t even let her enjoy with her soulmate some beautiful memories of Koh Chang.

Celine was surprised to see that their Koh Chang resort had some of the most beautiful ladies that she ever saw working as receptionists at the resort. Celine says that her husband was feeling so much intimidated by the stunning receptionists that he dare not looked at them. Celine is not a misogynist or anything like that but she says that there should be a rule where beautiful females must not be allowed to work as the receptionists. Celine says that the beauty of these receptionists hypnotize the male brains and they feel helpless and aren’t able to say ‘No’ to anything. Celine says that the only hindrance in applying the proposed rule is there is no way to define a beautiful woman, what is beautiful to one person is ugly to another and the beauty is perishable, a woman who is not beautiful today can be after a couple of months or years and the one who is a stunning beauty today can turn into an ugly looking witch just after a couple of months.

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