Modern and Young Mother Teresa is raising up 8 adopted kids with whom she watches movies all day long on the Sabbath day

Jeanne Ashlag (name changed) is one of the rare Greek Jews who was born and raised in the beautiful Greek city that goes by the name Thessaloniki. Jeanne is a PhD in Judaism from the Columbia University in the City of New York.

They call Jeanne “Modern and Young Mother Teresa” as she has the wisdom of the 12 apostles combined. Jeanna has traveled the world including India and one thing that she hated the most about India is that the Indians put the mourners and whiners on the pedestal. Jeanne spent one month in India exploring as many areas and as many tribes as possible and she came to the conclusion that except the Rajput tribes of India, the rest are all emotionally and physically weak.

Jeanne was raised up in a poverty stricken and belligerent atmosphere but she is not letting any of the children that she adopted go through the same. Jeanne has adopted 8 kids, 2 of whom are Jewish and the rest are all Christians. Jeanne is raising them all up like she gave birth to them. If you ask me personally, I would say that their own biological mothers couldn’t have taken care of the kids so well. Every Sabbath day (Saturday), Jeanne spends all her time watching movies the kids (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ). Sometimes on the Sabbath day, the kids keep her awake all night to watch more movies which she do. On the Sundays, she goes to eat out with the kids to a nice restaurant. For the weekdays, she has hired a private tutor for the kids who comes to the home and teaches all the kids alike. One smart thing that Jeanna has done is that she has adopted all 8 kids of the same age so that raising them up becomes easy.

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