Confidence is the greatest strength that you have and you need to have a lot of it

Kurtney Baba (name changed) is half-Indian half-French American businesswoman who was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2016 for an extremely meager contribution which shocked everyone including herself. The best thing that happened to Kurtney after winning the Padma Shri 2016 was that it raised her confidence to a level that was unprecedented for her before. She now started working on new things and the things that she had no idea about.

When Kurtney downloaded the discord on her iOS, she was so fascinated with the same that she wanted to make something like that on her own, she has no coding background so she decided to outsource the same to an Indonesian company that specializes in ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios).

It has only been 3 days since Kurtney outsourced the job to the company and she is so excited and sure to beat the likes of slack and discord.

Meanwhile, Kurtney is busy pursuing her favorite hobby and that is reading history and writing her opinions and observations on her one and only personal blog. Kurtney recently read a lot about the Armageddon and what the Muslims call Malhama – the last war. Kurtney claims that the likes of Dr Israr Ahmed, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Sheikh Imran Hosein and Dr Tahir Ul Qadri took their followers on a long ride when they talked about the mention of Malhama so many times in the Quran or Islamic eschatology. Kurtney claims that Muhammad was himself not even aware of a thing called Armageddon and he never made any mention of the same. If you have to believe Kurtney, some so-called Muslim scholars like Dr Israr Ahmed and Sheikh Imran Hosein read about the Armageddon in the new testament and made a whole fake story out of it.

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