Eminent psychologist’s wife is busy getting her bathroom renovated in Newmarket, Ontario while the Indians are planning to take over Canada

Aimee Fernandes (name changed) is obsessed with the political scenario in India. She has been reading and learning about the prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern India. Aimee claims that the present BJP government of India has been promising the people of India, especially their loyal followers that they will make India the biggest superpower that the world has ever known.

Aimee says that there is a notion among the followers of Narendra Modi and BJP that the India is planning to acquire the second largest country by land and make it a colony of India.

The loyal followers of current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi and his party BJP claim that the Indian government didn’t give the Canadian Prime Minister – Justin Tradeau, a VIP protocol as good as the Japanese, French or chief of any other countries because India is going to acquire Canada as soon as possible and the many Indians have been accusing the Canadian Prime Minister for supporting the Khalistan movement by visiting only the Gurudwaras (the worshiping place of the Sikhs) and not visiting any of the Hindu, Jain or Buddhist temples in India.

Aimee has been laughing at the idea of Indians thinking that they can take over Canada. Aimee lives in Newmarket, Ontaria and she recently ordered the topmost renovation company of Canada for Bathroom Renovation Newmarket and she cannot wait to see the renovated bathroom of hers.

Aimee’s husband – Brian is an eminent psychologist who is popular for plundering his patients left, right and center. Brian has been practicing psychology for over 18 years and his popularity has only seen rise ever since. Brian sees tens of patients a day and he has voluntarily kept his consultation fees so high so that he can limit the number of the patients to 2 digits otherwise they will go to the higher end of 3 digits.

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