Forget about ugly cities like Karachi or Lahore, travel to beautiful Thai towns like Hua Hin to have the most possible fun

Rimon Robert (name changed) recently saw a road trip video of the largest Pakistani city called Karachi. Pakistan’s entire population is currently estimated between 200 million to 210 million and out of those, 15.2 million people (estimated) live in just one city alone that goes by the name Karachi. It was a 30 minute drive video that mainly covered the plushest of the plush areas of Karachi like the Clifton and Defense.

Rimon was heartbroken when he saw that Pakistan is so poor, ugly and full of tribal people. Rimon says he has traveled almost half of the world and he can tell just by looking at the people traveling on the roads of a city or a country that what sort of people live in it. Rimon says that he was surprised to see that most low income Pakistani people of Karachi were traveling using e-rickshaws, bicycles, the middle income people were traveling using outdated and old cars, scooters, motorcycles, the upper-middle income Pakistani people travel using small cars like Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift or Toyota Vitz, the so-called Pakistani rich mostly travel using cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Honda Civic or Suzuki Brezza while the topmost people like tribal chiefs, MNAs, MPAs and industrialists travel in Toyota Pick-up trucks, Ford Raptors (imported, there is no Ford in Pakistan), Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and other top Japanese cars.

Rimon was surprised to learn that there are no American or European cars available officially in Pakistan and when he saw masked people traveling in Toyota Tundras on the roads of Karachi, he felt like he is watching a video of poor man’s Mexico, in other words, Rimon concluded that Karachi is poor man’s Guadalajara.

Anyways, the reason why Rimon started watching Karachi and other Pakistani cities’s videos on the Youtube was because he was planning to visit a Southeast Asian country that he never visited before but in the end he decided to travel to his most favorite Southeast Asian country of all time, that is Thailand. He has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi and he will be in Thailand on the coming Tuesday.

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